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Tate Intensive 2020 – “The Power Of Play”

Tate Modern, London, United Kingdom
Deadline: 22 November 2019

Tate Intensive 2019 participants on tour of Tate Modern. © Tate 2019. Photo: Oliver Cowling.

Tate Intensive 2019 participants on tour of Tate Modern. © Tate 2019. Photo: Oliver Cowling.

Tate invites applications for the fifth edition of Tate Intensive—“Tate Intensive: The Power of Play,” a rich and dynamic programme exploring the value of play in reshaping art galleries and museums.

At a time when art galleries and museums face urgent social, political and environmental concerns, the 2020 Tate Intensive programme takes play seriously. The programme positions play as an essential concept in the future development of art institutions. How might an emphasis on play change institutional priorities and programmes? How might institutions create playful and imaginative ways to engage their audiences? What’s at stake if institutions do not embrace joy, playfulness and fun?

Brought together in a spirit of exchange and collaboration, Tate Intensive participants are invited to contribute in an open and generous way to peer-led discussions and activities, drawing on their own experiences and case studies. The week offers a vital space for critical reflection and the opportunity to develop fresh perspectives, new skills and alternate ways of working.

The programme includes intimate talks with museum professionals, artists, cultural leaders and members of Tate staff from different departments across the institution, alongside a range of workshop formats designed to encourage creative thinking and collaboration between participants. Daily engagement with art includes visits to the galleries at Tate Modern and Tate Britain and other London cultural institutions. Evening social activities complement the intense discussions held in the Tate Exchange space at Tate Modern.


Tate Intensive comprises 25 selected participants from around the world. Past participants have included administrators, curators, researchers, writers, educators, producers, programmers, artists, architects, fundraisers, activists and strategists. We are actively seeking a diverse range of professionals working in and with art galleries, museums and other cultural institutions in a wide range of countries.

The programme intentionally brings together people at different stages of their career—from emerging practitioners to directors and others in senior management roles. This intimate group is encouraged to share knowledge and exchange ideas based on their diverse experiences and current practices, and to discuss creative approaches to curating, programming, research, audience development, community engagement and arts management. Participants join an ongoing network of alumni offering support, inspiration and the potential for future collaborations.

2020 Programme

The Tate Intensive 2020 programme explores, in a critical and practical way, how an expanded idea of play might shape art galleries and museums in the future. The programme acknowledges the widespread interest and research around play that exists across different sectors, and aims to explore the unique and vital potential play holds for art institutions. In highlighting the value of play, the programme does not ignore the serious challenges facing art institutions around the world; rather, it encourages imaginative and creative responses.

Application deadline: November 22, 2019, 12pm

For further information about the programme and the application process please visit:


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