Tancrède Perrot: New Horizons

David Bloch Gallery, Marrakech, Morocco
26 Feb 2016 - 27 Mar 2016

Tancrède Perrot: New Horizons

His work is characterized by the uniqueness of his style, which is better understood acknowledging that Tanc grew up as a graffiti artist.
He sees street art as ephemeral, and that the creative process matters more than the result itself. To him, being an artist means embracing a certain way of life: to be fully committed, and show absolute integrity.

At the turn of the century, he mainly focused on studio work. His exploration of the possibilities of a line allowed him to immediately stand out from the usual graffiti artists. His work strives towards synthesis of his name, of tags, of individuals, of music… of life.

His work does not seek perfection, but spontaneity. The artist’s state defines the work’s density and its precision. His heart beat activates his arm like a metronome: the artist is not trying to control this flow, but rather understand the composition that suddenly appears on the canvas, perfect balance between consciousness and unconsciousness.

Tanc composes his music and his canvasses with great spontaneity. Dense or light, thorough or unstructured, his art is not a game but rather a lifestyle. He appends his signature on his canvasses as he used to do so on the walls with his graffiti since his teenage years. This discipline is above all an instinctive outlet for a need to express himself: he takes over the urban space and shouts his name across the city. But soon, the letters disappear and Tanc starts exploring formal abstraction. By focusing his work on line and color, he regenerates the pictorial tradition by confronting it with street art’s essential vitality: prevalence of action, perfection of the gesture, acceptance of the unexpected, and expression of a strong singularity. Above all else, we are taken back by the intensity of his work, by its musicality and by the remarkable resonance of lights and materials.


My research in recent years on how to fix my emotions in my paintings have led me to paint in an automatic way. I become a machine whose rhythm is driven by my feelings. It defines the speed of my arm like a metronome, but also the projected paint density.

The first series I approached this theme is called “Variations” (Paris 2008). It is illustrated in a line completing the canvas in its entirety. Made for the most part in a single jet, they are captations of my moods. One might think at first it’s simple. But it’s a real exercise to paint as fast, or rather do not be afraid to paint so fast. If I am afraid, the fear will be felt on canvas… and this is not what I’m looking for. I paint to have a result that I find aesthetic and harmonious.

But more importantly… it is the mystical side of the painting.

This little thing that transcends you when you look at it and which lives to itself.
It is beyond the painter… it is !!!
For this reason, I often wait many hours before painting. I have to be patient. Wait for the right time.

By working with the same technique on paper positioned on the ground, I started to produce “pattern” (New York 2013) that I juxtaposed alternately as if I was assembling a puzzle. Once the composition is defined, I hung the paper on the wall. I progressively framed or marouflaged these papers on canvas for better conservation and created a perennial work.

This way of creating totally fascinated me. My conscious regained integral part of my painting. It revealed that my unconscious had produced in the mechanical phase.
Initially totally abstract, an horizon appeared after a while. From there, I began to see… the sky, the sea, the earth… a landscape?
I always represented myself as an abstract painter! Do I become a figurative one?
That’s when I thought about Mark Rothko’s quotation: “I am not an abstract painter,I paint emotions.”
So, that was it… by continually explaining that it was necessary to look at my paintings as landscapes, I came to incorporate them into my compositions.
Painting is for me a fascinating adventure, therapy…
I do not try to control it, just see where it takes me.

“New horizons” traces the journey of my research and proposes for the first time in the gallery the series “Horizons”



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