Taipei Biennial 2014: The Great Acceleration

Taipei Fine Arts Museum , Taipei, Taiwan
13 Sep 2014 - 04 Jan 2015

Taipei Biennial 2014: The Great Acceleration

With exhibition, live performance, talks, reading, conferences, and publications, Taipei Fine Arts Museum announces the launch of Taipei Biennial 2014 from 13 September 2014 through 4 January 2015. Titled The Great Acceleration, Taipei biennial 2014 refers to the idea of the Anthropocene, our geological era, marked by the effects of human activities on our biosphere, and shows how contemporary art expresses a new contract among human beings, animals, plants, machines, products and objects.

This exhibition is organized around the cohabitation of human consciousness with swarming animals, data processing, the rapid growth of plants and the slow movements of matter. It presents a world before human consciousness and its landscape of minerals, alongside vegetable transplants or couplings between humans, machines and animals. At the center is this reality: human beings are only one element among others in a wide-area network, which is why we need to rethink our relational universe and reconsider the role of art in this new mental landscape.

Curated by Nicolas Bourriaud, The Great Acceleration proposes bold conjectures and challenges both the “human scale” and the world of objects, releasing a signal referencing politics, religion, economics, ethics and philosophy.

52 artists and collectives will appear on the scene: Harold Ancart (Belgium), Charles Avery (UK), Gilles Barbier (France), Alisa Baremboym (USA), Neïl Beloufa (Algeria/France), Peter Buggenhout (Belgium), Roberto Cabot (Brazil), Patrick Van Caeckenbergh (Belgium), En-Man Chang (Taiwan), Ian Cheng (USA), Ching-Hui Chou (Taiwan), Chun-Teng Chu (Taiwan), Shezad Dawood (UK), David Douard (France), Camille Henrot (France), Roger Hiorns (UK), Xiao-Yuan Hu (China), Po-Chih Huang (Taiwan), Joan Jonas (USA), Hudinilson Jr. (Brazil), Tetsumi Kudo (Japan), Surasi Kusolwong (Thailand), An-My Lê (Vietnam/USA), Kuo-Wei Lin (Taiwan), Maria Loboda (Germany/Poland), Jonah Freeman & Justin Lowe (USA), Jr-Shih Luo (Taiwan), Tala Madani (Iran/USA), Abu-Bakarr Mansaray (Sierra Leone & Netherlands), Josephine Meckseper (Germany), Nathaniel Mellors (UK), Marlie Mul (Netherlands), Henrik Olesen (Denmark), OPAVIVARÁ! (Brazil), Ola Pehrson (Sweden), Hung-Chih Peng (Taiwan), Laure Prouvost (France/UK), Matheus Rocha Pitta (Brazil), Rachel Rose (USA), Pamela Rosenkranz (Switzerland), Mika Rottenberg (Argentina), Sterling Ruby (USA), Timur Si-Qin (Germany), Shimabuku (Japan), Peter Stämpfli (Switzerland), Nicolás Uriburu (Argentina), Chien-Ying Wu (Taiwan), Chuan-Lun Wu (Taiwan), Inga Svala Thórsdóttir & Wu Shanzhuan (China/Iceland), Yu-Chen Wang (Taiwan/UK), Haegue Yang (Korea), Anicka Yi (USA)


The Museum has organized a roundtable discussion on the topic of “Artists, Machines and Nature” on the opening day, 13 September. Panellists include Nicolas Bourriaud, Director Hai-Ming Huang, and the participating artists Neïl Beloufa, Po-Chih Huang, Kuo-Wei Lin, Maria Loboda, Nathaniel Mellors, Shimabuku, Haegue Yang and Anicka Yi. The following day on 14 September, Bourriaud and Professor Xiao Zhen-bang, well-known scholar of eastern philosophy, will hold a talk on the topic of “About Relationship.”

In corresponding to The Great Acceleration, Aesthetics Jam with Andre Alves, Tiong Ang, Lonnie van Brummelen & Siebren de Haan, Chang Nai-Wen, Clodagh Emoe, Fang Yen-Hsiang, James T. Hong, Huang Chien-Hung, Kai Huang Chen, Irene Kopelman, Alejandro Ramirez, Su Meng-hung, Gwen Wang, Wang Sheng-Hung, Mick Wilson, Wu Shu-ann curated by Hongjohn Lin and Henk Slager is to be presented in the city during the Taipei Biennial period.



Taipei Fine Arts Museum
No. 181 Zhongshan N. Road Sec. 3
Taipei 10461



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