Support! ‘On Commodification and Desire’ – A Yearlong Project at SAVVY Contemporary

SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin, Germany
26 Jun 2015

Support! ‘On Commodification and Desire’ – A Yearlong Project at SAVVY Contemporary

MwangiHutter_Mwangi Hutter. Drastic-Performance for 'Giving Contours to Shadows' 2014 ©Emma Haugh

On the occasion of the launch of KICKSTARTER Germany, SAVVY Contemporary participates as one of the “featured art projects”.

In 45 days SAVVY aspires to raise the sum of 60.000 € in order to think about  – money, and more precisely: ON COMMODIFICATION AND DESIRE! In this yearlong artistic and research project divided into three exhibition chapters SAVVY aims at analysing contemporary social-political and economic understandings of time and productivity with the following pespectives:

_The first exhibition will be GOODS which looks at the social, economic and political value of goods in our societies, both historically and in the contemporary. A spotlight will be set on the expansion of the concept of goods and commodities from mere physical and inhumane objects to encompass humans, as well as immaterial objects/ services. Further crucial aspects here will be the disparity between the freedom of movement of goods and of persons across the borders on the nation state, as well as the philosophy of boycott of goods in moments of crisis.

_THE LAUGH OF THE MEDUSA deals with technologies of gender, sisterhood and feminist resistance and is an attempt to offer a platform to discuss on forms and epistemologies of oppression, domination or discrimination from a contemporary feminist perspective. We will invite artists and thinkers to reflect on strategies of decolonisation and resistance to the dominant Western episteme, thereby dismantling it to use the word of Audre Lorde.

_ Time or rather times are at the core of the third chapter: ON THE THRESHOLD OF THE EVENT HORIZON aims to investigate contemporary European North-South relations through critically examining discourses on laziness, work, productivity and the idea of linear time, with a focus on the Mediterranean region. By putting up roundtables, research residencies and exhibitions, the project will create a platform to foster a lasting dialogue and conceptual, intellectual, artistic and cultural exchange between researchers, artists, citizens and nine European and Mediterranean socially engaged non-for-profit art spaces.

Support SAVVY Contemporary until 26th June 2015!

Further Information about the project, the campaign video as well as the support-button can be found on the KICKSTARTER campaign page


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