Call for entries

Submissions on Black Culture

Merge Literary Magazine
Deadline: 12 April 2022

Submissions on Black Culture

Merge seeks submissions for the Third Issue focused on Black Culture: Our Cultures, Our Creativity, Our History, Our Strength, Our Pride

APRIL 12, 2022

They seek new, emerging, established, and renowned writers, artists, activists, intellectuals, and others to share writing and art that conveys and illustrates the beauty and brilliance of Black cultures around the globe.

Submit poems, essays, articles, fiction, and art on:

Black culture: lifestyle, family, work, dress, language, music, film, religion, politics philosophy, and art.
Pride in our cultures: the rich, expansive, diverse cultures of Black people.
Trials and obstacles faced by Black people.
Strength through the experience.
Black history and present-day milestones.



What kind of work is Merge Literary Magazine looking for?

MERGE seeks poetry about the Black experience in the social, political, educational, religious and family realms. We seek work that is creative, unique and edgy. We welcome poetry, short stories and essays, fiction and nonfiction about diverse issues that touch the spirit. We encourage issues that make us think, respond and take action.

Merge Literary Magazine will cover a plethora of topics, with each quarterly issue having a different focus.

They accept unsolicited submissions.

Previously published and simultaneous submissions are accepted.

Please submit up to four poems per quarterly issue. They will accept submissions of two short stories or essays per quarterly issue.

They accept submissions up to four visual artworks per quarterly issue.

There is no payment for accepted submissions.

Please email submissions to

They carefully consider each submission and will respond within 4-8 weeks.

Include your contact information with submissions including name, email address and phone number.

Include a brief biography in the email.

Submissions are accepted in a word document or copied into the body of the email.
• Authors retain all rights to their work.
• We may participate in promotional venues for the magazine and we reserve the right to use poems and other writings as promotional pieces for Merge Literary Magazine.
• Your permission will be required for use of your work in an anthology of submissions.
• Authors will receive credit for their work.

Please join the Facebook group and Instagram page for updates on Merge Literary Magazine.


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