Call for applications

Spatial Strategies MA

weissensee school of art and design, Berlin, Germany
Deadline: 30 April 2020

Spatial Strategies MA

The Spatial Strategies MA program will chart a new trajectory that critically deliberates on the vulnerabilities of spaces, especially through migrant and pluricultural perspectives. With new Professors curator, Prof. Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung, PhD and artist, Prof. Nasan Tur.

In this light, the Spatial Strategies MA program will also accommodate reflections on the impact of coloniality and the multiple resistances thereof on spaces of the coloniser and colonised, and how the rhythms of physical and virtual spaces, rural and urban spaces, the local and the global are marked by such sociopolitical realities—in the past and the contemporary. In times when we observe an upsurge of racist and xenophobic attacks in many societies and violences in relation to creed, gender and sexuality in both virtual and physical spaces, in times of increased radicalization of concepts of nationhood and a massive shift to the extreme right, Spatial Strategies must also ask the question of how do certain bodies navigate certain spaces in certain geographies and at certain times. Cognisant of the current situation of a world pandemic, how do we think of space in times of social distancing, quarantinisation, self-isolation and an eminent virtualisation of life in the face of and in the aftermath of a pandemic.The Spatial Strategies MA program will tackle these issues from an artistic, curatorial as well as critical theory perspectives.

It is within these frequencies that students from varying disciplines are invited to apply for the post-graduate program Spatial Strategies. The approximately 40 graduate students selected for this program will be encouraged to redefine and challenge preconceptions of private and public spaces, virtual and physical spaces, political and non-political spaces using artistic and curatorial tools. Students will also be encouraged to work around and within sonic spaces as alternative spaces of navigation that re-situate the notion of physicality of space, as sound, though invisible, produces and marks spaces through waves.

Applications for the begin winter semester of 2020/21 are accepted until April 30, 2020. The two-year fee-based program is intended for graduates of universities and academies, artists, architects, culture and media scholars, designers, sociologists, scientists etc. who wish to acquire an additional artistic qualification and Master of Arts.


Application period for the winter term 2020/2021:
The next application period for the winter term 2020/21: March 01 – April 30 2020!

Online application process:
The application for the Masters program must be sent exclusively through the online application platform (Campuscore) of our school. The online application platform is open from March 1 to May 15! Master programs always begin with the winter semester in October.

Links to the online-application-platform
Registration for the Admission exams test is carried out exclusively online. The link to the application portal and all necessary information can be found here in due time before the start of the application.
Send the completed application with all the required documents (more information scroll down) via the online application platform until the deadline of 30/04/2020.
The second part of the application process will be an interview with the examination board and the presentation of own works. The examination committee selects those candidates who reveal the artistic qualification (on the basis of your CV and portfolio) and who fulfill all mentioned qualifications.

Application Materials
•Portfolio of recent artistic, theoretical or curatorial work
•Evidence of academic and transdisciplinary suitability in the form of a written statement (3–4 pages) outlining the applicant’s academic goals and presenting a proposal for a project to be carried out during the program
•Certified proof of undergraduate degree
•Proof of at least one year of work experience in a field relevant to the program
•Brief curriculum vitae
•Application form with passport photograph
•Proof that the applicant is at least 24 years old (copy of passport / government-issued ID)
•Certified translation of the proof of undergraduate degree and the proof of work experience
•Proof of at least one year of work experience in a field relevant to the program, which was obtained after the first degree

For international students:
•Proof of sufficient competence in written and spoken German (DSH 1 or TestDaF3)
•Copy of valid passport
•For Chinese applicants: APS certificate

1,250 € per semester plus 109,09 € administration charge / or 203,80 € incl. student ticket
Since winter semester 2015 / 16 a part time course is possible.
Info in english at the KHB-Web page
Online-Application MA Spatial Strategies step-by-step instruction


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