South-South Arts Fellowships

Living Arts International, Cambodia
Deadline: 15 May 2022

South-South Arts Fellowships

The South-South Arts Fellowships 2022 aim to nurture wider and deeper connections among cultural workers within the Global South. The Fellowships will support initiatives that enable long-term professional networks, alliances and collaborations among cultural workers living and working in developing economies in Africa (including North Africa), Asia (including West Asia and Central Asia) and the Pacific. We, at Living Arts International (LAI), are launching this Fellowship as our pilot international program, as we are acutely aware of the limited support available for South-South connectivity in arts, culture and heritage.

Five Fellowships are being offered in 2022. Selection is through an open call for applications. Fellows will be expected to bring an initiative with them, which they have already been developing in some way and through which they intend to deepen and strengthen network building over the period of the Fellowship. Selected fellows will work on their proposed initiatives over six months from July to December 2022 – they will organise two virtual or hybrid activities during this period. They will be offered different forms of support (such as a stipend, activity grant and feedback from advisors).

Fellows will collaborate and share learnings and findings among themselves. They will also contribute to a public report mapping opportunities, challenges, gaps and needs regarding South-South cultural connectivity. It is our hope that the fellows and their initiatives will reinforce sustainable South-South links where they would be most meaningful.


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