Silent Territory: 24th Edition Casablanca International Video Art Festival Morocco

various venues, Casablanca, Morocco
24 Apr 2018 - 28 Apr 2018

Mohamed Thara, Milk vs Whisky Vidéo, 2016. Courtesy the artist.

Mohamed Thara, Milk vs Whisky Vidéo, 2016. Courtesy the artist.

Video art can be apprehended as a territory in constant redefinition. The international selection of the FIAV 2018 “Silent Territory” questions the boundary (the path that borders between two borders), the zone, the interval, the boundary, the route, the dam, the end, the point of separation and the lines demarcation between multicultural societies.

The videos of the selection pose several questions: but what is a territory? Is it unlimited like the horizon? It appears however as a terminal not to cross here and now. Every territory is a frontier, it builds and deconstructs, between line of flight, crack, fracture, edge, it creates margin, fence, zone, ghetto. How to go from here to there? Between there and here? Between the outside and the inside? The danger is indeed in the heart of the crossing. It’s about seeing, hearing, thinking, writing and reading “between” the edges or banks of this “nowhere” hardly habitable. How are the links between video art and territories woven and unfolded? This set of questions will be answered by the thirteen invited videographers for the international selection “Silent Territories”, through a set of thirteen video works. As a place of conquest, this selection also questions the question of the transmission and passage from one place to another where video comes to the aid of the abandoned territories. A reflection on the status of video art as a recording of contradictory territories.

It is a selection of unifying works with a video art education system, which aims to raise awareness and initiate to reading and artistic practice, by crossing the different ways of “making video To look at it and to state it. This is to promote the development of an artistic and cultural policy within the city of Casablanca, to create a common space for exchange around video art. The practice of videographers invited for this selection through their projects, testifies that the territory can be a neutral place, a “non-place”, an in-between, with a specificity of being neither one nor the other neither this edge nor this edge. He walks between two edges, between two houses, between two domains that can never join. A person’s space – no man’s land – the “same” neutral of the boundary, that of any boundary, any surface, the active tracing of difference and opposition.

It will be in this international selection to create “thresholds”, to develop interstices to explore conjunctions and disjunctions related to these issues of borders and territories, echoing the remarks of Paul Ardenne, Pascal Beausse and Laurent Goumarre in their common work Art as experience: “Artists are today smugglers. By recycling images, real or fictional, what they propose, they are no longer works, nor even objects of art, but processes, propositions of situation to experiment in common. ”

FIAV International Selection, 2018
Casablanca, Morocco.

Halida Boughriet http://halidaboughriet.com
Edgar Endress http://eendress.com/index
Randa Maroufi www.randamaroufi.com
Ismaïl Bahri www.ismailbahri.lautre.net
Laura Henno www.laurahenno.com
Ng’endo Mukii http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5394341/
Michael Macgarry http://www.alltheorynopractice.com/root.html
Larissa Sansour http://larissasansour.com
Katia Kameli http://katiakameli.com
Michel Plantnic http://www.michelplatnic.com
Mathilde Lavenne https://mathildelavenne.com
Shahar Marcus http://www.shaharmarcus.com
Sasha Litvintseva http://sasha-litvintseva.com
Simon Christoph Krenn

Curated by Mohamed Thara.



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