Call for applications

Seminar & LAB: Practicing Rhythm

Open Set LAB , Amsterdam, Netherlands
Deadline: 24 September 2018

Summer School 2018. Courtesy Open Set LAB

Summer School 2018. Courtesy Open Set LAB

Open Set presents the new LAB programme “Practicing Rhythms” and the seminar “Rhythmanalysis in Context.” Both are part of the annual thematic trajectory, “Fluid Rhythms: Urban Networks and Living Patterns,” which explores rhythm as a lens through which we look at the complex urban fabric—the tunings and frictions between multiple elements of a city.

Welcome are those who seek a deeper understanding of affiliated discourses, who wish to connect to an international network of peers, and who want to take their work in new, unexpected directions.

The “Practicing Rhythms” LAB is a five-month long programme of practice-based sessions, held every second week of the month on Fridays and Saturdays. It aims at developing individual projects, which will be presented in a concluding public presentation and conference. The projects can take on any form, whether that be sound, image, intervention, food, performance or digital applications. For the duration of the LAB, Open Set provides a studio space and the opportunity to work on-site on a daily basis.

The LAB runs concurrently with the seminar—a series of presentations, discussions and theoretical text readings from different disciplines which explores key concepts and multidisciplinary practices related to rhythmanalysis.

Situated in South-east Amsterdam, “Fluid Rhythms” is supported and hosted by the local cultural institutions and informed by people actively involved in the local communities. It provides a unique opportunity to work within the context of one of the most vibrant neighbourhoods in Amsterdam, once envisioned as an urban utopia and (in)famous for being called the “city of the future.”

Involved artisits and researchers
Artist & researcher Heather Barnett, The Black Archives, network of artists & designers Cascoland, design action group Dash N’ Dem, artist Uta Eisenreich, research project Citizen Sense (Dr Helen Pritchard), art & research duo Thought Collider and more to be announced.

Open Set’s annual thematic trajectory “Fluid Rhythms: Urban Networks and Living Patterns”
Rhythms occur on the macro- and micro- levels of city life. These can be observed in the city’s planning; its transportation, energy and waste infrastructures; its social and (multi)cultural agendas; or in the interconnections between mind, emotion, brain and heartbeats, which can be provoked by a smell, a sound or a sight; and finally, by zooming in on the networks of cells of human and non-human bodies. In all these contexts, rhythms are shifting over time in looping patterns, while generating dynamic structures of what we call a city. By investigating these intertwined patterns of change—in other words, rhythms—a world of subtle complexity starts to reveal itself to us in how humans, machines, animals and microbes interact and coexist.

Organised by Open Set in collaboration with the research group Designing Rhythm for Social Resilience, the international and interdisciplinary programme “Fluid Rhythms” explores the potential of rhythm-related practices as common ground for research and artistic work. During the programme, we will discuss different methods for discovering new, invisible or forgotten rhythms, in order to transform and harness the possibilities for alternative social and ecological paradigms.

Open applications
Deadline: September 24, 2018
We currently offer two programmes (LAB & seminar) for designers, artists and scholars who are interested in engaging with the multiple dimensions of rhythms and who are open to discovering new ways of working with a network of international partners and experts from the local community. The programmes can be attended separately or as a package. For more information, see application procedure and scholarships.

Sponsors and Partners
The programme is made possible by the support of the City of Amsterdam Zuidoost, the AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts), Het Pauwhof Fonds, CBK Zuidoost and Het Nieuwe Instituut, and has been organized in collaboration with the research group Designing Rhythm for Social Resilience (2018–22; affiliated institutions – OIS Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam, Delft University of Technology, Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions).


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