Sekai Machache: Divination

Sakhile&Me, Frankfurt, Germany
27 Oct 2022 - 03 Dec 2022

A Hint of Blue II (2021) | © Sekai Machache

A Hint of Blue II (2021) | © Sekai Machache

Sakhile&Me presents Divination, a solo exhibition with Sekai Machache, combining three distinct but related bodies of work, engaging the divine, the spiritual, and the multiplicity of experience coming out of intertwining histories of colonialism and migration.

The title aptly references the channeling and storytelling made possible through the photographer/artist, the camera lens, and the narrators, performers and other co-creators bringing the artist’s work to life.

The exhibition encounters Sekai Machache’s voice and visions in photographic works, textile draping with hand-drawn indigo markings, and a multi-lingual performative film. It is with and through the technical, the experiential, the textual, the visual, and the sonic aspects of these varied mediums that divinity moves, manifests and leaves residual traces, opening up a space for seeking, reception, and contemplation.




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