“Sank?fa Hauntings, Ghosts of a Futures Past”

Cape Cost Castle, Cape Coast, Ghana
19 Sep 2015

“Sank?fa Hauntings, Ghosts of a Futures Past”

On the 19th of September Kitso Lynn Lelliott will be staging an installation of light and apparitions, calling on the spectres of Cape Coast Castle in Ghana.

In this project Lelliott is interested in the traces of experience that [H]istory is unable to articulate, the shape it takes being a consequence of the things left out. The installation is an exploration into those things left out, looking for traces of the unspoken experiential realities of those disremembered…

It is an engagement with the potential in the idea of opacity where any narrative is understood in terms of its limitations of understanding and vision. Kitso Lynn Lelliott look for ways to articulate forms suggested in the space between what is included in accessible narrative as a route to those disremembered. The work settles into form and takes shape between what is spoken, in the occluded lingering non-narratives and where imaginings might lead beyond what is immediately discernible.

Using  the idea of ghosts and haunting to Kitso Lynn Lelliott engages what it is to be marginalised or to have elided parts of a fractured self because ghosts not only articulate the presence of something missing but also embody the violence in processes of eliding that produces them. 

I follow the thread that links fragmented, plural stories towards reclaiming the elided contours and nuance of subjugated persons in order to displace the erasure that denies their humanity.

“Sank?fa Hauntings, Ghosts of a Futures Past” is part of a broader ongoing project  which moves between Africa, the Americas and Europe. The project passes through multiple times and places marked by the subjugation of human beings, with the Middle Passage and the body of the Atlantic becoming a central thematic. This iteration of the project has been produced during a three month artists residency in Ghana sponsored by the Institut Français and hosted by the Foundation for Contemporary Art – Ghana and Nubuke Foundation. The exhibition is presented in partnership with the Ghana Museums and Monuments Board [GMMB].




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