REGARDING MUSEUMS On Colonialities, Ownership and Loss

Spreeufer 6, Berlin, Germany
12 Sep 2021

Film Still from

Film Still from "a so called archive", 2020. UK, 20 min. Dir. Onyeka Igwe

Spanning a range of essay, experimental, fiction and documentary styles, the films in our program share a focus on interrogating the reality that so much of Africa’s visual and material culture is in Western museums and archives. What does it mean, they ask, to have these sculptures, pho- tographs, film reels, sound recordings, animals, people etc., from Africa, Asia and Oceania overwhelmingly on display in Euro-America? How were these acquired in the first place and how did colonialism play into that process? Taken together, these films explore what it might look like to decolonise memory cultures, either by calling for the return of objects, or in some cases, by attempting to recontextualise and reread them from the present. They are experiments on healing the epistemic violence in- herent in colonial collecting practices.

Short film program curated by Nnenna Onuoha.

Sunday. September 12, 4pm – 9pm outside at »Spreeufer« Spreeufer 6, 10178 Berlin

Free entry, but tested, recovered, vaccinated! Donations are welcomed. The Program is in English.

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