refuse the given world – Group Show

Kalashnikovv Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa
16 May 2024 - 08 Jun 2024

Boemo Diale Alone & Unafraid (detail), 2024. Mixed media on canvas. 160 x 120 x 50 cm

Boemo Diale Alone & Unafraid (detail), 2024. Mixed media on canvas. 160 x 120 x 50 cm

Kalashnikovv Gallery has never been very far from Cape Town, with many projects, fairs, and collaborations since our launch in Juta Street almost eleven years ago. Opening the new sister space on Loop Street, is setting down roots instead of bustling in and out. Supporting the growing number of Cape Town artists in their program locally, and bringing some of the artists from elsewhere to the city bowl.
Exhibition participants: Black Koki, Boemo Diale, Cathy Abraham, Charity Vilakazi, Chris Denovan, Conrad Botes, Hedwig Barry, Khaya Sineyile, Khaya Witbooi, Maja Maljević, Nathaniel Shepard III, Nico Athene, Nico Krijno, Roger Ballen, Ronél de Jager, Senzeni Marasela, Simon Moshapo Jnr, Theresa-Anne Mackintosh, Tiago Rodrigues, Tinyiko Makwakwa, Xhanti Zwelendaba, Yolanda Mazwana, Zanele Montle

Loop Street Kalashnikovv represents a new era of collaboration, instigation, conceptualisation, activation, and integration. The little local art world community is one of our biggest strengths and we are so excited to grow our communities and our neural networks.

Conceptually the inaugural exhibition represents the contemporary moment – a world in turmoil often produces some of the most meaningful art, and the resulting art provides a translation and tool for understanding where we fit into the world. Artists tell stories through their work, stories of the disasters of the moment, of the hopes and dreams that defy realities. Artists dream for us, elucidate the obscured, untangling the knots of complicated narratives so that we not only connect with each other but with ourselves in new ways.

Starting something is an act of deep faith – this applies to every time an artist raises a hand to materials, a writer stares at a blank page, a curator imagines an exhibition, or the dream of opening a new gallery space. This group exhibition holds something of our past, our present, and our future – intermaterialities and interdisciplinary practices abound.

The inaugural exhibition represents so many moments of faith over the last decade.




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