Re(as)sisting Narratives 

District Six Museum, Cape Town, South Africa
23 Nov 2016 - 13 Dec 2016

Re(as)sisting Narratives 

Re(as)sisting Narratives at Framer Framed, part of series Echolocation (2016) by Judith Westerveld, photo © Eva Broekema

Framer Framed announces the opening of exhibition Re(as)sisting Narratives at District Six Museum, Cape Town, on November 23! The exhibition, curated by Chandra Frank, is currently also on show at the Framer Framed space in Amsterdam, until November 27. Re(as)sisting Narratives is focused on opening up a dialogue between The Netherlands and South Africa, as the present lingering legacies of colonialism are felt in both places.

Re(as)sisting Narratives explores lingering legacies of colonialism between South Africa and the Netherlands through engaging with contemporary artists from both countries. Participating artists explore broader themes such as race, gender, memory, trauma and spatiality in their work. At District Six Museum, the exhibition features artists Burning Museum, Toni Stuart & Kurt Orderson and Judith Westerveld. At Framer Framed, the exhibition also includes Mohau Modisakeng, Athi-Patra Ruga and Mary Sibande. The artists in this show are connected by a shared interest in evoking and readdressing that what is left behind, that what is (in)visible, and a visual fusion of reality and fantasy to create new ways of being.

Presented in the exhibition at District Six Museum is an installation by Toni Stuart, poet, in collaboration with Kurt Orderson, filmmaker: Krotoa-Eva’s Suite: a cape jazz poem in three movements. This installation challenges the dominant male colonial narration of history through centering Krotoa-Eva’s interior life. Judith Westerveld presents a video installation, The Remnant, and photo series , Echolocation , both part of the project A Hedge of Bitter Almonds. In this project and resulting works, she investigates the remainders of constructed barriers and spatial violence as a result of Dutch colonialism in South Africa. Burning Museum, an interdisciplinary collective rooted in Cape Town, engage with themes such as history, identity, space, and structures. They will create new work specifically for this exhibition, to be unveiled at the opening.


Opening at District Six: Wednesday November 23rd, 6-6.30 PM





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