Quinten Edward Williams : Painterly accumulations off the wall

David Krut Projects, Johannesburg, South Africa
03 Jul 2014

Quinten Edward Williams : Painterly accumulations off the wall

David Krut Projects presents an installation by Quinten Edward Williams. Painterly accumulations off the wall comprises a compound of paintings, wood, plastic and sundries.

The painterly accumulations presented in the installation could be understood as visual propositions on the flows between a hypothetical collection of geographically dispersed incidents. This installation is used to think through the complex relationships between people, vehicles, animals, shifts in the built environment and many other less tangible things.

This exhibition continues Williams’s broader research interests regarding complexity, spatiality and painting as explored in several other shows. In Environments (2009), for instance, Williams was concerned with human alterations to land, not as artifice, but as a continuation of natural processes. Furthermore, in the shows Some Combinations (2012), and An uncertain encounter outside a corner shop (2013), Williams looked at the complexity of environments through painting imbued with, or diverged from, other modes of artistic production such as video, installation, walking, conversation, and narrative writing. This current show at David Krut Projects, therefore, takes a closer look at painting, and how paintings can move into installation.

Williams was first invited to collaborate with David Krut Print Workshop in 2012 where he created a series of monotypes. Most recently, Williams has been working with the print workshop on etchings, which relate to this installation and will be on show later this year.

Williams has obtained a Masters Degree in Fine Arts at the University of the Witwatersrand in 2014.
Opening Thursday 3 July 2014,  6 pm

David Krut Projects,
142 Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood



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