Qual Futuro? – Online Exhibition

LabCC, Luanda, Angola
12 Jun 2020 - 31 Dec 2020

Qual Futuro?  – Online Exhibition

Exibhition What Future? brings together 10 emerging artists from Angola. The virtual opening is on 12 June.

In portuguese Qual Futuro? – (in)certezas sobre uma nova produção de sentidos (What Future? – (in) certainties about a new production of meanings.), the virtual exhibition questions how current generations can create new meanings in this new decade. It is a plural exploration of the conditioning of the near future and the constructions, personal and collective, that will arise through processes of creation of political, geographical and personal meanings, from the reflection and understanding of the past and the present.

The artists (born in 90′) work between photography, performance, video art, painting, installation and drawing. They are Adriano Cangombe, Eliane Lima, Fernando Lucano, Gegê M’bakudi, Helena Uambembe, Nefwani Júnior, Pemba, Wolof, Teresa Firmino, Yola Balanga.

The curation is in charge of LabCC [Laboratório de Crítica e Curadoria], a platform for research and experimentation in curatorship and art criticism. Composed by the young curators Jéssica de Melo, Luamba Muinga and Marcos Jinguba, since last year they have taken programs that are included in the criticism of art exhibitions in Luanda and in the curatorship of two exhibitions. This is the third.


Visit the exhibition here: plataformalabcc.com



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