Publishing as Repair – Symposium

Gothenburg City Library, Gothenburg, Sweden
13 Oct 2022

Courtesy of L'Internationale Online and HDK-Valand

Courtesy of L'Internationale Online and HDK-Valand

The symposium asks what is the role of art writing and publishing and the processes of mediating, distributing, and reading as an act of repair or resistance, to create spaces of non-violent encounter of thought and creation when public spaces for culture are at threat.

Thursday October 13, 4–8 pm

Publishing as an act of community, of social connection and discussion. If we think of the book of more than the repository and a propagator, but as a set of relations, we can start to unpack our understanding of what it means to have a containing framework for knowledge, ideas, informations, and imaginations, and what it means to disseminate that, to publish it into the world – whether in print, digitally, or through a blended medium where semi-public arenas such as museums, libraries and universities can extend the knowledge production and dissemination.

We want to debrief these models because our interest is not just with the object, it’s in the interactions, the ways in which stories are told and to explore fluidities between the physical, printed space, the digital space and the environment in which that interaction is taking place.

Calling the conversation ecologies announced our intention to map and explore the landscape of the publishing lifecycle (which encompasses author, designer, publishing and distribution) and advocate for interdisciplinary approaches towards publishing as an act of making something public, particularly where the freedom of the written word cannot be taken for granted.


4–4:45 pm: Opening address: Publishing as a practice of strengthening parallel narratives by Yvette Mutumba, Curator at Stedelijk Museum and co-founder and editor in chief of the magazines Contemporary And (C&) and the Contemporary And America Latina (C& AL)

4:45–6 pm: Panel: How publishing platforms are grounded as communities of knowledge? How can publishing projects and programmes open up spaces to broader audiences, voices and participants to make parallel narratives emerge within a hegemonic cultural discourse? How do different semi-public spaces such as libraries, museums, universities connect to published discourses, articles, essays, printed matter act as a matter of relay? with Sinziana Ravini & Fredrik Svensk/Paletten, Marti Manen/Index, Paul O’Neill/Publics, and Eva Weinmayr/HDK-Valand. Moderator: Sara Buraya Boned.

6:15–7:30 pm: Panel: How the concept of repair can be applied to publishing practices? Language is crucial when it comes to caring, repairing and healing. Which vocabularies do we use to communicate our wounds? What are the possibilities and confines for repair in publishing practices? with Maryam Fanni (MMS/HDK-Valand), Jonatan Habib-Enqvist/Ord&Bild, Sezgin Boynik/Rab-Rab, and Milena Khomchenko. Moderator: Hiuwai Chu.

7:30–7:45 pm: Respondent and final remarks by Anna–Sophie Springer (K. Verlag)


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