Presentation 001

Afr-i-can Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, United States
24 May 2017 - 30 Jun 2017

Presentation 001

Presentation 001

Presentation 001 is Afr-i-can Contemporary Art’s inaugural show. It is an introduction to the depth and varied nature of Contemporary African Art. When we speak of Contemporary African Art, it is to highlight the origin of the art or of the artist. For our first presentation, we travel to Africa’s most populous country and largest economy, Nigeria. Further still, we venture into Lagos, Nigeria’s economic and cultural hub, to find a thriving art scene. Here we have selected works highlighting nine artists.

A unique art-viewing experience, these carefully curated pieces are presented in the live-in gallery space of afr-i-can Contemporary Art. We aim to challenge established viewing practices and to offer a more nuanced encounter with artworks, as well as to assist clients in visualizing how they might choose to live with Contemporary African Art.

Immediately we are drawn in by the rich colors and thick brushstrokes of Sam Ebohon’s popular kaleidoscope-like paintings. Equally provocative are the works by Obinna Makata. Trained as a sculptor, Makata combines the found rests of Ankara (traditional African textiles) with layers of ink and acrylic to act as a metaphor to the layers of social issues and cultural identity within daily life in Nigeria.

Oil paintings from Emeka Nwagbara are also featured, capturing studied moments of movement and expression while work from Kehinde Sanwo documents old Lagos architecture. A focal point of the show is Earth’s Reception, a piece from the master of all mediums, acclaimed and prominent artist Olusegun Adejumo.

In the series Fires of Dissent, Joshua Nmesirionye’s textured and frenetic paintings harrowingly depict the current state of Northern Nigeria fifteen years after the rise of Boko Haram. Meanwhile, two serene landscapes by watercolorist Olufemi Oyewole capture Lagos’ street life with meticulous attention to the play of light. A playful contrast to Oyewole is seen with the dynamic figurative style of Diseye Tantua whose work is proverbial Afro-Pop Art. The exhibit also includes the Art X Lagos award-winning photograph The GIRL Child by David Dosunmi.

Afr-i-can | Contemporary Art
2404 Wilshire Boulevard Space 11C
Los Angeles, CA 90057



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