POSITION YOURSELF 3: Bouchra Khalili

Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, Netherlands
20 Sep 2014

POSITION YOURSELF 3:  Bouchra Khalili

Bouchra Khalili, Speeches, 2012-2013

Van Abbemuseum presents the Trilogy : The Speeches Series (2012 – 2013) from Bouchra Khalili in the exhibition Position, curated by Nick Aikens.

French-Moroccan artist Bouchra Khalili will present the three-part work The Speeches Series – shown together for the first time in Positions. The Speeches Series is built around three chapters, each comprised of five speeches by migrants that Khalili has collaborated closely with in Paris, Genoa and New York and that focuses respectively on mother tongues and dialects, citizenship, and working class. Bouchra Khalili’s work explores issues of nomadism, clandestineness and resistance, both in terms of discourse and representation. Her film work has sought to mediate these ideas by looking at how language, the body and even landscape might combine to articulate a political position. More specifically, Khalili’s has focused on political minorities, of which she views the contemporary migrant a part, looking how their position is elaborated from the margins.

Positions is a new exhibition format that sets a series of projects in dialogue with one another in the ten galleries of the museum’s old building. With each artist presenting a significant body of work, many produced for the exhibition and others developed through collaborations with art organisations throughout the world, Positions explores different tones of contemporary artistic voices. Position is on view from July 5 ( opening ) to October 21.

The five distinct presentations examine how we position ourselves in the world today – often making visible frameworks, subjects and ideas that are felt but not seen. The exhibition unfolds as a conversation between a series of installations, films and architectural interventions that move between different geographical and political contexts and invite us to consider how agency – collective or individual – is both granted and taken away.

Positions 2014 includes: Laurence Abu Hamdan – Céline Condorelli – Charles van Otterdijk – Koki Tanaka and Bouchra Khalili .

Prices and reservations:
15 euro per meeting (including entrance fee and coffee/tea).
You can register via our application form. The registration is definitive only after full payment. If you visit all five meetings, you are only paying 60 euros.

Saturday 6 September, 11.15-13.15
Lawrence Abu Hamdan

Saturday 13 September, 11.15-13.15
Céline Condorelli

Saturday 20 September 11.15-13.15
Bouchra Khalili

Saturday 27 September, 11.15-13.15
Charles van Otterdijk

Saturday 4 October, 11.15-13.15
Koki Tanaka


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