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musée du quai Branly, Paris, France
22 Sep 2015 - 22 Nov 2015


Siaka S. Traoré © musée du quai Branly, Photoquai 2015

Major event in the world of photography since 2007, the PHOTOQUAI Biennial of World Images continues its fundamental mission to raise awareness of artists from around the world whose work remains largely unseen and unknown in Europe, and to encourage cross-cultural dialogue and an interchange of perspectives on the world.

The artistic direction of the 5th edition of PHOTOQUAI (PHQ5) has been entrusted to Frank Kalero. After a first programme acclaimed by professional photographers and a wide public in 2013, Frank Kalero will open up this year the geographical scope and enlarge the selection to include diasporas, since cultural dialogue is framed by “geographical, as well as mental and social exchanges.”

The 400 photographs selected will be on display day and night for two months on the banks of the River Seine opposite the museum, offering a hitherto unseen snapshot of contemporary photography from Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas, based on the theme of WE ARE FAMILY.

In reflection of a world in constant flux, PHOTOQUAI presents works by 40 contemporary photographers from around the world, talents unknown or rarely seen in Europe,  drawn from the geographical areas represented in the collections of the musée du quai Branly: South and Central America, Asia, Oceania, Africa, the Middle-East, Russia and so on.

The selection of 40 photographers for this 5th  edition was made by a curatorial team of experts consisting of an artistic director  – Frank Kalero – six curators  – Claudi Carreras (Latin America), Liza Faktor (Russian Federation), Michket Krifa (Middle East), Azu Nwagbogu (Africa), Kevin WY Lee (Asia) and Louise Clements (World and New Interactions) – and an internal programming committee at the musée du quai Branly chaired by its President Stéphane Martin.

Designed by Patrick Jouin, the scenography provides a setting in which small and large-scale formats can exist side by side without cancelling each other out or becoming confused.  The circuit of the PHOTOQUAI  exhibition presents to the visitor another interpretation of a habitually linear pathway.



Myriam Abdelaziz France / Egypt
Luis Arturo Aguirre / Mexico
Melba Arellano / Mexico
Joana Choumali / Ivory Coast
Tiago Coelho / Brazil
Cooperativa Sub (collective) / Argentina
Supranav Dash / India
Delphine Diallo France / Senegal
Omar Victor Diop / Senegal
Juan Pablo Echeverri / Colombia
Maika Elan / Vietnam
Faten Gaddes / Tunisia
Navin Kala & Luisa Dörr Brazil / India
Chulsu Kim (EyeEm Call for Entries) Korea /Japan
Daesung Lee / Korea
Namsa Leuba / Switzerland
Jannatul Mawa / Bangladesh
Karen Miranda Rivadeneira Ecuador /United States
Fernando Montiel Klint / Mexico
Ali Nadjian & Ramyar Manouchehrzadeh / Iran
Junku Nishimura / Japan
Dina Oganova / Georgia
Romi Perbawa / Indonesia
Tatiana Plotnikova / Russia
Protick Sarker / Bangladesh
Aun Raza / Pakistan
Emilie Regnier / Canada
Cecilia Reynoso / Argentina
Raphaela Rosella / Australia
Stefan Ruiz / United States
Zara Samiry / Morocco
Jiehao Su / China
Hanif Shoaei / Iran
Nikita Shokhov / Russia
Noriko Takasugi / Japan
Mila Teshaieva / Ukraine
Siaka Traoré S. / Burkina Faso
Karan Vaid / India
Oksana Yushko / Russia
Xiao Zhang / China




Frank Kalero is the director of the magazine Punctum, based in India, specialised in pan-Asian photography. He is currently developing a Latin-American version in collaboration with Estudio Madalena (São Paulo). He also directs the new event for fans and professionals of documentary photography in Barcelona called OjodePez Photo Meeting.
He is part of the team developing an online platform for new media known as Screen and is a member of the jury for the WYNG Photo Award (Hong Kong). He is a member of the team of GoaPhoto, the new Indian photographic festival.


Azu Nwagbogu / Claudi Carreras / Kevin WY Lee / Liza Faktor / Michket Krifa / Louise Clements


Stéphane Martin, President of the musée du quai Branly
Yves Le Fur, Director of Heritage and Collections
Hélène Fulgence, Director of Cultural Development
Christine Barthe, Manager of the Heritage Unit of Photographic Collections
Céline Martin-Raget, Manager of Publications and Image Production


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