Parallel Passages: Typologies – Group Show

Kokopelli Gallery, Lagos, Nigeria
26 Nov 2023 - 30 Dec 2023

Victoria Makinde, Time and eternity

Victoria Makinde, Time and eternity "On the aisle of yesterday" (detail). Courtesy of Kokopelli Gallery

Kokopelli Gallery announces the exhibition, Parallel Passages: Typologies, a transformative exploration of narratives and symbolism through various art forms. Parallel Passages: Typologies is set to create a significant impact by delving into the rich cultural heritage of Nigeria. This groundbreaking exhibition, brings together seven indigenous Nigerian artists who will present their unique perspectives on tradition, symbolism, and contemporary issues. Participating Artists: Victoria Makinde, Ronke Komos, Okedoyin Luli, Imomoh Asemokah, Ayela-Uwangue Nosawema, Eghosa Raymond, Babatunde Affiko

The exhibition, scheduled to run from November 25th to December 30th, 2023, at the gallery located at 17, Ademola St, Ikoyi, Lagos, promises to inspire contemplation, dialogue, and empathy among our visitors. In art history, there are always recurring themes and patterns as artists inspire other generations of artists, and the issues which artists represent in their works still persist. In this exhibition, these artists explore using texts, paintings and mixed media works to depict typology in our society, creating a space for viewers to interpret the work and evoke thought-provoking dialogue.

What to Expect:
The artworks are purposely curated to highlight different stories, real and fictional, that are symbolic, and types and shadows to one of another, moving viewers to interpret and solve a puzzle which holds a strong message or morale at the end. The Parallel Passages exhibition is an exhibition designed to take you on an interesting journey of introspection. An avenue for you to engage with the artists and other art enthusiasts, and gain insight into typological narratives behind each artist’s work. Join in exploring the diverse narratives of Typologies and making the stories of artists matter.




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