Open Call: Unnoticed Live Art

222lodge, Dordrecht, Netherlands
02 Jan 2014 - 16 Jan 2014

In the spring of 2014 222lodge will be organising a festival for Unnoticed Live Art. ?The festival for Unnoticed Art balances on the line between public and private. It shows artworks hiding in normality.

The language, used to express the works, fits in the average social behaviour in public space and, because of that, will probably remain unnoticed to bystanders. ??Concept and executing the works are split. The artist sends the concept more or less as a manual. The chosen works  will be carried out by a group of volunteers in a weekend in May in a midsize Dutch city. ??These volunteers have a double roll. They are participants as well as audience. They are responsible for realising the performances in the best possible way and they are also the ones who can fully experience the works. In fact they become part of it. The public is not excluded in this way but it is actually embedded.??The location and dates of the festival will remain secret. That way the passers-by will be accidental and without knowledge of the occasion. ?They have their own aims, their own occupations, their own thoughts.
After the festival a manifestation will be organised and a book will be published. This will of course be announced clearly.??We are now looking for:

-Concepts of live art that fit within the context of the Invisible Art Festival.

A selection committee will be responsible for the program selection.

-Volunteers who are willing to join us for the festival-weekend (2 days) to execute selected concepts in the public space. It is important that the volunteers have the capacity and motivation to act as normal and as inconspicuous as possible in a public situation.

An simple audition will be part of the selection procedure.

Open Call:?Please send your artist statement, concept and a (short but adequate) CV to lodge@singel222.nl.

Deadline: January 16, 2014.


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