Open Call: One-year certificate programs at International Center of Photography

International Center of Photography, New York, United States
19 Feb 2014 - 07 Mar 2014

Open Call: One-year certificate programs at International Center of Photography

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The International Center of Photography (ICP) offers one-year certificate programs in General Studies and in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism. These programs provide advanced students with an intensive yearlong course of study that strengthens personal vision, teaches professional practices, and explores the many disciplines that inform media and art today.

General Studies in Photography
Chairperson: Marina Berio
The General Studies Program embraces the study of fine art photographic practices and experimental image production. The program supports the development of each student’s work in an atmosphere of cooperative learning. Students are encouraged to explore and define their own goals and are challenged to situate their work in the broader context of the cultural, political, and psychological use of images.

The GS curriculum is an accelerated investigation of the history of photography, contemporary theory, and craft; it boasts a large selection of electives, in which students can let their curiosity and passions lead them in many new directions. In solidifying each student’s technical skills and broadening his/her vision, we build a foundation for ongoing, meaningful, and content­-driven practice.

Documentary Photography and Photojournalism
Chairperson: Alison Morley
The Documentary Photography and Photojournalism Program focuses on the investigative skills and technical knowledge necessary to advance in the complex and constantly changing world of visual journalism. With ICP’s long-standing commitment to documentary practice, this program is taught by faculty who are among the foremost practitioners in the field today. Class discussion topics include new media, business, and methodologies as well as political, ethical, and social concerns.

The curriculum is student-centered, focusing on discussions and critiques in a supportive learning environment. Students explore the history of photojournalism; develop new and challenging technical skills in still photography, multimedia, and video; learn strategies for publication; and have the opportunity to intern with premiere photographers, newspapers, magazines, and agencies.


Deadline: March 7, 2014


Apply online: icp.slideroom.com



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