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Independent Curators International (ICI) fall 2015 Curatorial Intensive in New York

Independent Curators International (ICI), New York, United States
24 Jul 2015

Independent Curators International (ICI) fall 2015 Curatorial Intensive in New York

Participants of the Curatorial Intensive in Marrakech, Morocco, May 19–25, 2015.


This September, Independent Curators International (ICI) produces the Curatorial Intensive in New York, a ten-day professional development program that offers curators the opportunity to discuss, among colleagues, the concepts, logistics, and challenges of organizing exhibitions, public programs, and other curatorial models.

The Curatorial Intensive is designed to immerse participants in a rigorous schedule of seminars, conversations, and presentations that support the process of developing an idea for an exhibition or program into a full proposal. The program is targeted toward self-motivated individuals—working independently or in institutions—who would benefit from a weeklong itinerary of discussions around the issues that arise for curators. Topics range from the pragmatics of exhibition-making and building working relationships with artists to the theoretical aspects of expanding upon research-based practices and understanding how to communicate ideas effectively.

Seminars, site visits, individual meetings, and roundtable discussions will be led by a group of professionals that includes: Johanna Burton (Keith Haring Director and Curator of Education and Public Engagement, New Museum, New York), María del Carmen Carrión (Director of Public Programs & Research, ICI, New York), Pablo Helguera (artist, New York), Renaud Proch (Executive Director, ICI, New York), Laura Raicovich (Director, Queens Museum, New York), and Ingrid Schaffner (Curator, Carnegie International 2018, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh), among others.

Application guidelines
12–14 applicants working internationally will be selected to participate in the Curatorial Intensive. The applicant must have 3+ years of curatorial experience. All applications must include a 500-word description of an exhibition or program idea that the applicant would like help in developing. This description should outline the proposal concept and any artists that the applicant is considering. Also required are a current 250-word bio, a 500-word letter of intent, and a 300-word text that describes a recent curatorial project that has made an impact on the applicant, similar to an exhibition review. To apply, and for full application guidelines, visit ICI’s website.

Fees and scholarships
The program fee is 1,900 USD. Participants are also responsible for covering travel and accommodation expenses. Scholarship packages that subsidize or eliminate the program fees, accommodation and travel expenses are available and awarded based on merit. If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please include a letter of motivation with your application. Scholarships for curators from Turkey will be supported by SAHA.

For more information or questions, visit ICI’s website or email

Fall 2015 Curatorial Intensive in New York from September 13–22, 2015

Application deadline: July 24, 2015


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