Open Call for Artists: University of St.Gallen

The University of St.Gallen, St. Gallen, Switzerland
03 Oct 2013 - 30 Oct 2013

The University of St.Gallen in Switzerland is launching a new Art Platform for emerging artists working in different cultural regions all over the world. This project provides international artists working without a permanent support of gallerists or art consultants.

Their work will be exhibited in a recently acquired building of the University for a one-year period of time and then will be  sent back to the artists. Full costs for transport of the piece of art and eventually of the artist himself/herself travelling to Switzerland for the installation and opening.


Deadline of applications: 30th October 2013


Application guidelines:
Artists can apply to the University’s arts committee by submitting an online application with digital images of the artwork to be presented.

The committee of selection does only accept applications from artists without any gallery context.
If further information is required after the completed application has been received, the artist will be contacted directly by the curator Mrs Thamar Ette.


Selection process:                                                                                                                                

This opportunity, open to all artists worldwide, contributes to advance their career on the international art scene. We welcome entries from all ranges of age and experience, from upcoming to established talents.

We suggest to hand in the following genres:

– Painting
– Photography
– Video
– Sculpture

Prospecting participants must submit an artist’s statement (max 700 words) describing their works and short biographical notes (CV with exhibition history, portfolio, contact number and e-mail address). The statement should reflect your general inspiration as an artist and speak to the work you have submitted. It may include any additional attachments (video, photos) for a thorough evaluation. Submissions should be written in English.

For more information, please visit our website or contact: art-tellstrasse@unisg.ch

Result of the Selection:  The results of the selections and the final decision of the jury will be published on the web site:





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