15 Sep 2014


The Boda-Boda Lounge Project is a cross-continental video festival that will feature at over 15 spaces throughout Africa. Boda- Boda Lounge Project is currently accepting video art submissions from artists based in Africa and of African descent. Relevant submissions will be put forward for intercontinental screening and exhibition programming.

The term ‘Boda-Boda’ is an adaptation of the word border and alludes to a cross border movement, suggesting physical mobility across lines that represent the divide of land and space universally. Teamed with ‘lounge’, the project seeks to engage questions of mobility and domesticities, and how these two notions are now being engaged in our personal spaces.

Altogether, B-B Lounge project takes cognizance of the physical aspect mobility, it attempts to engage with people’s private space and imagine the ways through which Africans on the continent, mostly middle-class do have access to a space in which we are allowed to cross physically and imaginary lines/ borders through the use of the TV set normally located in the lounge room of the house; thus, providing context to the thinking as well as exhibition making within the context of the B-B Lounge video exhibition.

Private space in many context represents an environment in which human beings reflect about their individual experiences comparatively to their interactions within public spaces- private space hence establishes room for intimate dialogues, activities and the opportunity to lounge and reconnect with their senses. B-B Lounge will attempt to reflect how people engage with their personal or private space looking at the influence of audio-visual sets in their lives in and out of private space.

The Boda-Boda Lounge Project is a collaborative project between VANSA (South Africa), Picha (Congo DRC) and VAN Lagos (Nigeria). It intends to enable wide access for African artists to be part of the festival and to enable a wide range of African arts organisations to take part. It is an engagement with low cost, widely accessible exchange processes on the African Continent.

The project will take place on the same date for 3 days in the venues (Hosting Hubs) bellow:

Zero Point Gallery
32º East | Ugandan Arts Trust
Medina Galerie Mediatheque
E.studio Luanda
Centre Soleil d’Afrique
Njelele Art Station
Voices in Colour
VAN Lagos
Picha Lubumbashi
Alle School of Fine Arts & Design | Addis Ababa University


Who can submit?  – Any artist working with digital and multimedia art as a medium on or from the continent
Which works will be selected?  – Works must have been produced in the past five (5) years
How many works can you submit?  – Maximum of 3 works per submission
Each work must be accompanied by a new application form

Selection Criteria
The works will travel through the many venues during selection period, where each hosting hub nominated jury will do a final selection for the exhibition.

Download application forms here (ENG / PORT / FR) and submit them to bodalounge@vansa.co.za or your nearest regional Hosting Hubs with the subject line [Boda Boda Project Submission]. You can also email this address or your local Hub for enquiries.

Deadline for submissions: 15 September 2014




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