Not Now! Now! – Conference

Academy Of Fine Arts Vienna, Vienna, Austria
17 Oct 2013 - 18 Oct 2013

The conference Not Now! Now! focuses on chronopolitics. While the field of temporality studies is relatively wide, the conference will lay special emphasis on the question of the temporal  politics in the field of art.

The conference  departs from the premise that  artistic practices are considered a productive means to challenge orderly and rigid temporal concepts and their effects on bodies and the organising of the social. Contemporary queer and postcolonial studies have investigated the way in which biographies and their temporal courses are responsible for the appraising of some biographies over others, for the demand for able-bodiedness and the degree to which our notions of the normal and the respectable are constructed based on a logic of reproductive temporality. They seek to produce alternatives to a developmental concept of time, alternatives which counter the temporal cycles of nation states and capitalist markets.

The conference aims at participating in the debate around arts-based research by enriching the field through the investigation of chronopolitical interventions and the analysis of particular artistic practices and methods, which already have been developed.

Keynote Speakers: Sharon Hayes (New York), Mathias Danbolt (Kopenhagen),  Nana Adusei-Poku (Berlin), Jamika Ajalon (London), Suzana Milevska (Skopje / Wien).


Opening Thursday, October 17, 3pm   Aktzeichensaal, Schillerplatz 3 (basement)





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