Mahogany Culture Collective, Online
10 Mar 2021 - 30 Apr 2021


The Non – Traditional exhibition is part of the (CaFA) Caribbean Fine Art Festival 2021. Zoe Osborne of Mahogany Culture is the guest curator of this exhibition which features art work from 6 emering Barbadian artists that are located in Barbados and the Diaspora.

The theme of the exhibition is an exploration of non traditional expressions of Caribbean identity, with a focus on exploratory fine art and digital art.

The curator Zoe Osborne explains about this: “As we move further and further away from the generations that created what has been deemed ‘tradition’ in Barbados and the Caribbean I am on a search to identify the narratives that are currently being produced by Caribbean artists today. Exploratory Traditional is therefore work that has a connection with traditional Caribbean imagery or stories but is realized in a modern context that reflects the artist and engages the viewer in an unprecedented way.”

Further Osborne remarks: “There are different narratives of what is considered the ‘Bajan’ or ‘Caribbean’ experience and one common narrative that has been developing is the digital art. Digital illustrations expressing Caribbean are a new form of art that allow for new and innovate ways for new generations of the Caribbean population and diaspora to connect with.”


Participating Artists:

Akilah Watts

Alex Gibson

Brandon K Best

Housing Area

John Alleyne

Sydney Mcconney


Curated by:

Zoe Osborne


Virtual Exhibition

View the exhibition at https://www.caribbean.global/2021-cafa-exhibits/non-traditional

View the 3D GALLERY at https://www.caribbean.global/non-traditional-gallery-page

Interactive 3D GALLERY at https://arium.events/spaces/cafa


Physical Exhibition

Art Splash Centre, Hastings Christ Church, Barbados




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