National Art Gallery Of The Bahamas (NAGB) is seeking a Chief Curator

National Art Gallery Of The Bahamas, Nassau, Bahamas
16 Oct 2014

National Art Gallery Of The Bahamas (NAGB) is seeking a Chief Curator

National Art Gallery of The Bahamas in the historic Villa Doyle, All photos by Jackson Petit

National Art Gallery of The Bahamas is one of the premier art institutions in the Caribbean and aims to cultivate awareness of Bahamian fine arts both at home and abroad.

For the past 11 years, the NAGB has committed itself to fostering local artists who continue to push the frontiers and foundations of culture across the islands. The institution assumes a critical role in the development of visual arts and devotes itself to exchange, the shoring up of national identity, scholarship and education. Housed in the historic Villa Doyle—built in the 1860s and lovingly restored in the 1990s—the NAGB preserves the National Collection of Bahamian Art, part of which is on permanent display on the ground floor. A project space engages with younger, experimental positions, rotating monthly, while the upper galleries engage the history of Bahamian art and visual culture, supporting contemporary movements and experimental art practice through temporary exhibitions lasting three to four months each.

The NAGB also has an extensive public program schedule, community and regional projects and partnerships, arts education workshops, and a free public art library.

The Chief Curator is responsible for the selection, presentation, care and scholarly interpretation of the National Collection for the public and the development of an exhibition schedule for the National Art Gallery. He or she will have a clear vision for the Gallery’s exhibition program and how the National Collection is researched, documented and interpreted. The Chief Curator is a museum professional who has demonstrated excellence in curation and is capable of budget planning, grant writing and all aspects regarding the financial side of creating, implementing and installing an exhibition.

Duties include planning and coordinating the gallery’s exhibition program and directing and coordinating exhibit activities; assisting the Director in administering museum activities and budget planning; coordinating and planning traveling exhibitions; advising on the selection and acquisition of works for the National Collection; overseeing the research and writing of the history and descriptions of Collection items to properly illustrate, display and catalogue items; soliciting & securing international exhibition opportunities for Bahamian art; assisting Director in securing funding/sponsorship for exhibitions; developing and implementing a conservation program to preserve the Collections;  analyzing and recommending Gallery needs to the Director; in consultation with Director, reviewing and revising Collection, Exhibition and Lending policies of Gallery every three years, as well as managing the enforcement of these policies; supervising the documentation, packing and shipping of all objects being placed on loan to other institutions or being returned to lenders; reviewing financial information to project needs and prepare budgets for Director’s approval; participate in the creation and implementation of a strategic plan.

Requirements: The applicant must have the equivalent of a Masters Degree or Ph.D. These can be from areas such as Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Museum Studies, Art History, Contemporary Art, and Curatorial Studies; four to six years of experience working in an art gallery, museum or related environment, with a portion of those years in a leadership role; and proven knowledge of the region, including research projects. He or she must also have a clear understanding of national and regional artists and art histories in relation to international art histories and market trends; of current international trends, exhibitions and markets so as to advise on direction for contemporary Bahamian artists; of museum policies, policies, practices, and procedures. The Chief Curator must display excellent organizational, planning and administrative abilities with outstanding verbal and written communication skills; engagement in the Museum’s development and readiness to work unfavourable hours; creativity, and flexibility. Capabilities must include MS Office and cataloguing software for museums, contemporary exhibition design and fabrication methods; scale, balance, proportion, and colour; knowledge or familiarity with architecture, graphic and building design; knowledge of materials and basic conservation of objects.


For further questions, please contact: Amanda Coulson, Director, National Art Gallery of The Bahamas acoulson@nagb.org.bs


National Art Gallery Of The Bahamas
Downtown Nassau
West & West Hill Streets
Historic Charles Town District
New Providence
The Bahamas






Left: . Center: installation view of The John Beadle Project, 2013. Right: Heino Schmid, This is Remembering, 2011. Mixed media on wood, 60 x 156 inches. All photos by Jackson Petit.



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