NANO – Group Show

Barnard Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa
19 Jul 2016 - 16 Aug 2016

NANO – Group Show

Barbara Wildenboer, Id, Ego, Superego I, 2016, 350 x 350 mm, Photography and hand cut paper construction

Smaller works immediately require and create a greater intimacy with the viewer, compelling us to come closer, look closer, stay longer. While large, expansive works keep us at a distance, smaller works activate interiority and introspection. They require a sharper focus, a keener gaze, a lingering attention.  Playing into our fascination with the miniature, small works conjure whimsy, a sense of the magical, a playfulness. But profundity need not be reserved only for the grandiose, and by requiring an economy of expression from the artist, smaller works are also often surprisingly affecting and impactful.

The exhibition will feature over 50 artists including Alexia Vogel, Angela Briggs, Anton Karstel, Asha Zero, Ashley Walters, Barbara Wildenboer, Benedict Buckle, Cathy Layzell, Dan Halter, Daniel Maggs, Dominique Edwards, Elsabe Milandri, Gabrielle Raaff, Georgina Gratrix, Gina Heyer, Gitte Möller, Hanien Conradie, Hanlie Laakman, Hugh Byrne, Jaco van Schalkwyk, James de Knoop, Jan-Henri Booyens, Janet Mbirimi, Jean Brundrit, Julia Pepler, Katherine Bull, Kerry Chaloner, Katherine Spindler, Kilmany-Jo Liversage, Kirsten Lilford, Lauren Palte, Lyndi Sales, Maja Maljevic, Mariette Kotze, Marlise Keith, Marna Hattingh, Mia Chaplin, MJ Lourens, Natasha Norman, Ndikhumbule Ngqinambi, Rose Mudge, Ryan Hewett, Sanell Aggenbach, Sarah Biggs, Stephan Erasmus, Stephen Inggs, Sue Greeff, Svea Josephy, Tanya Poole, Vanessa Cowling, and Virginia MacKenny.




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