mwangi hutter: it’s a thin line

galerie burster, Berlin, Germany
16 Sep 2021 - 09 Oct 2021

mwangi hutter: it’s a thin line


It’s a thin line, and we walk it every day
Anything can arise, in certain uncertainty
It’s a thin line, mere dancing on a razor’s edge Challenged not to fall to one or the other way
It’s a thin line, like skating on a mirror’s surface We are our own reflections, inseparably separable My here is your there, my there, your here
never can we be in one place at the same time?
– Mwangi Hutter

We are pleased to present It’s A Thin Line, the second solo show by the artist couple at galerie burster Berlin. Inspired by a song by The Persuaders (1971), Mwangi Hutter’s It’s A Thin Line explores themes of resilience, longing for touch, closeness and distance. Their works in the media of painting, installation, sound, video and sculpture, question existing notions of identity based on gender and cultural origin.

Mwangi Hutter is composed of Ingrid Mwangi (*Nairobi, Kenya) and Robert Hutter (*Ludwigshafen a. R., Germany). Their common artistic identity is based on the fusion of their personal lives, their artistic work and their names. Through an examination of their own bodies, their works reflect changing social realities, creating an aesthetic of self-knowledge and togetherness.

Works by Mwangi Hutter have been on display at the Venice Biennial, Documenta in Kassel, São Paulo Biennial, Havanna Biennial, Brooklyn Museum in New York, Centre Pompidou in Paris, Mori Art Museum in Tokyo and Johannesburg Art Gallery in South Africa.



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