More Aphrike #4 Afro-Funkin Fashion & Society

M. Bassy, Hamburg, Germany
08 Jul 2017 - 20 Jul 2017

Xuly Bët, New York FW collection Photography by Aki Akiwumi

Xuly Bët, New York FW collection Photography by Aki Akiwumi

M.Bassy presents More Aphrike #4 Afro-Funkin Fashion & Society with Lamine Kouyaté, Xuly Bët (Mali/France) & Sunny Dolat, The Nest Collective (Kenia).

M.Bassy is a non-profit organization based in Hamburg. It’s goal is to promote contemporary African and African-inspired artists and creatives – especially in the areas of design, fashion, and music. With a public salon, M.Bassy aims to create a space for public encounter and exchange in order to share and celebrate African culture.

The event series “More Aphrike” invites current artists and voices from the African continent and diaspora to Hamburg and encourages an open discourse on today´s image of African culture and lifestyle, far from the usual stereotypes and clichés.

Together with Lamine Kouyaté and Sunny Solat one gets a better understanding, how creativity can be a mirror and motor for social issues and changes. Yesterday and today. In the diaspora and the African continent.


Mali-born Lamine Kouyaté is a legend. In the 90ies he disrupted the Parisian Haute Couture with Funkin-fashion and guerilla-fashion shows. Robert Altman erected him – as one of the first black designers in the scene – a monument with his movie Pret-a-Porter. Seams, which are turned inside out, a jury-rigged look, black models – Kouyatés Label Xuly Bët created a style, combining street wear and high-fashion, which was copied by many others. Since two years Xuly Bët is celebrating his comeback on the runways of New York.

Sunny Dolat is a fashion-stylist and creative director at The Nest – a creative collective out of musicians, (fashion-)designer and moviemakers from Kenia. Founded in 2012, The Nest has already won numerous awards, most of them for their queer-movie »Stories of our Lives«, which was shown in more than 80 countries. Furthermore The Nest established the first fund for creative entrepreneurs in East Africa.


July 8th, 20.00 – Opening Exhibition & Talk
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July 10th, 10.00- 19.00 (fully booked) – Workshop with Xuly Bët und Sunny Dolat


Schlüterstrasse 80, D-20146 Hamburg

Opening hours:
Monday-Thursday 11.00-16.00
Satursday 12.00-18.00


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