Miska Mohmmed: Highlands of Sudan

OOA GALLERY, Barcelona, Spain
28 Oct 2023 - 03 Dec 2023

Miska MOHMMED, Autumn forests, 2023. Courtesy of OOA GALLERY

Miska MOHMMED, Autumn forests, 2023. Courtesy of OOA GALLERY

In the 20th century, landscape art experienced a metamorphosis, as artists embarked on experimental journeys, redefining the boundaries of reality and imagination. The 21st century witnesses a tantalizing question hanging in the air: will landscapes return to their traditional roots, or will they venture into realms even more abstract and fantastical?

Navigating the Intersection of Reality and Fantasy

Within this artistic milieu, Miska Mohmmed emerges as a luminary, her creations drawing from the undulating landscapes of her Sudanese home, nestled beside the mighty Nile River. In her semi-abstract works, Miska masterfully interweaves land, water, air, and flora, creating a symphony of colors and lines that dance across the canvas. Her art embodies the delicate balance between the bustling energy of urban life and the serene tranquility of nature, inviting viewers into a dreamscape where reality and fantasy converge.

Working predominantly with oils and acrylics, the artist embarks on a sensory exploration of landscapes. Her canvases, born from the fusion of material experimentation and profound connection with nature, depict sweeping horizontal lines that echo the terrains from which they draw inspiration. Each stroke is imbued with the essence of Sudan, capturing the very soul of the land in a vibrant tapestry of hues.

Miska’s artistic journey has traversed continents, her work showcased in prestigious exhibitions from Dubai to New York, from Lagos to London. The culmination of her artistic odyssey takes form in her solo exhibition, Highlands of Sudan, gracing the walls of Barcelona’s OOA GALLERY. In this evocative collection, viewers will embark on a visual expedition, where the boundaries between reality and reverie blur, and the spirit of Sudan comes alive in every brushstroke. In these vibrant canvases, Sudan’s essence is immortalized, inviting us to contemplate the ever-shifting interplay between reality and imagination, a testament to the enduring power of landscape art in the tapestry of human creativity.




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