Measure The Valleys – Group Show

Parcours d'art contemporain, Cajarc, France
01 Jul 2018 - 02 Sep 2018

Euridice Kala, Geodesia – Two sparrows frantically building a nest, 2018
Photograph © Yohann Gozard

Euridice Kala, Geodesia – Two sparrows frantically building a nest, 2018 Photograph © Yohann Gozard

The Lot Valley continues its summer metamorphosis to relay far reaching tales – in time and in space alike – inspired by the valleys known by each invited artist – the Lot Valley obviously, where they have been working this spring, but also ones that have marked their movements between Africa and Europe.

Measure The Valleys draws its title from a song by the South African star singer and activist Miriam Makeba in her 1970 album Keep Me in Mind. It is a burning call for increased awareness towards the environment and towards the humankind, a philosophy at the heart of this residency which is all about research and sharing.

In light of their experiences in Algeria, Morocco, Mozambique, Senegal, South Africa and Zimbabwe in particular, the 5 invited artists have a well versed aptitude to grasp the nature and atmosphere of this valley. They have used the context, their own skills and imagination to open up new experiments.

Working with photography, drawing, installation, performance and video, they all have distinct practices and approaches. Yet they share common interests in landscape and architecture, sciences and languages, everyday life’s surprises and the visible as well as invisible echoes of History in our globalized world. Together, they epitomise the diversity and connectivity of the African and diasporic contemporary art scenes.

The work of Euridice Kala, Fayçal Baghriche, Lucie Laflorentie, Mohssin Harraki and Dana Whabira for the 2018 13th Lot valley Parcours d’art contemporain invites us to consider History’s heritage and a possible and plural future in which art is the source of unexpected and absolute regeneration.




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