Look at WE – Group Show

The Gallery @ Nubuke Foundation, Accra, Ghana
15 May 2021 - 15 Aug 2021

Lois Arde Acquah. Courtesy of Nubuke Foundation

Lois Arde Acquah. Courtesy of Nubuke Foundation

In 2020, Lois Arde-Acquah and Theresa Ankomah were invited to participate in the YGA artist development programme of Nubuke Foundation. The programme had been recently revised to focus on developing the practice of artists- ideas and process- with critique and mentoring sessions; and career planning and business awareness- with professionals.

Look at WE  is a culmination of this 6-month programme; a wonderful, emotional journey of learning for all of us, in which Theresa and Lois present a body of works created solely for this exhibition.

Sheets of Lois’ cut-out patterns, etchings and forms are emotionally embedded casualties of the repetitive strenuous exertions that she endures, marking the outpouring of her unvocalised pent up emotions. Starting with little actions, she carries on in almost frenzied movements, until the cumulative effect are swathes and mounds of materials-synthetic leather- subjected to forces which can be compared to a violent storm.

Visitors will experience Lois’ performance at the opening as she places herself under duress, monotony, strenuousness and stress. This work poses many questions to the viewer as they find themselves embarking on this vulnerable exercise with the artist as she pushes herself to the limits of self-punishment. Visitors may leave with ‘more questions than answers.’

Theresa’s works come from journey of curiosity and exploration evolving around the intricacies rooted within the weaving practice-the process of birthing complexities, exposing embedded meanings, just by the simple process of interlocking of strands, fibres, etc. The kenaf baskets are rescued from the onion importers from the wholesale markets in Ghana. Theresa’s interaction with these materials and their ecosystems is a journey of exploring gender issues, geo-politics, trade tensions, power plays…She navigates all these strands, connecting with actors whilst attempting to make sense and bring meaning into her own practice.
She sees connections between herself and the individuals manipulating the kenaf fibres with their hands- twisting, pulling, caressing, shaping into basket fronds.
Her work extends and extrapolates the usefulness of these everyday objects whilst also acknowledging the transient nature of the materials.

Both artists confront their practice from a place of vulnerability and in search for meaning internally and by inviting actors to LOOK, but most importantly to share, to observe, participate, question, challenge and to journey with them.









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