Life in Flowers – Group Show

Luce Gallery, Turin, Italy
04 May 2021 - 30 Jun 2021

Installation View

Installation View

In Turin, from May 4 to June 30, 2021, Luce Gallery presents the exhibition titled “Life in Flowers” featuring Dominic Chambers, Auudi Dorsey, February James, Trevon Latin, Zéh Palito, Otis Kwame Kye Quaicoe, and Barry Yusufu.

The seven artists are involved in interpreting the symbolic language of flowers through the expressive power of painting, always evoking its meanings. The group show explores their relationship with life, which notoriously recalls the cyclical nature of the seasons.

The works depict domestic and contemplative atmospheres, where floral and natural elements reveal an intimate dimension. Stylized, colored, imagined – often delicate and fragile -, they become the protagonists of a choral narration, which intertwines the different stories of the portrayed subjects, like a composition to be collected and ideally consigned to those who pass through the gallery space.

The works in dialogue are After Albers (Seeing Through the Dark) (2021), Untitled (Karinne, Grisaile) (2021) and Untitled (Trevon, Grisaile) (2021) by Dominic Chambers (born in 1993 in Saint Louis, Missouri, he lives and works in New Haven, Connecticut), Big 3 and Big Wheel (2021) and Self-Portrait (Just a Minor) (2021) by Auudi Dorsey (born in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he lives and works), Catch me (2021), Shining on the Inside (2021) and Water Me and Call Me Rose (2021) by February James (born in Washington D.C., she lives and works in Los Angeles, California), Leyla (2020) and Robert (2021) by Trevon Latin (born in 1987 in Houston, Texas, lives and works in New York), A camisa de Luciano (2021) and Flight from Rio to Soweto (2021) by Zéh Palito (born in Limeira, São Paulo, Brazil, where he lives and works), Mr. All Dubs (2020) and Bernice naa Okaikor (2021) by Otis Kwame Kye Quaicoe (born in 1990 in Accra, Ghana, he lives and works in Portland, Oregon), Lady for Sewing Machine (2021), Lady for White Baby Doll (2021) and Lady for Yellow Gucci Bag (2021) by Barry Yusufu (born in 1993 in Nasarawa, Nigeria, he works and lives in Abuja).

The exhibition walkthrough video is available online at www.lucegallery.com/video.php.




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