LIFE AS ART – An Afro-Brazilian Festival

Weltkulturen Museum, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
07 Jun 2018 - 12 Jun 2018

Ayrson Heráclito, Transmutação da Carne (Transmutation of the Meat), 2015. Performance, São Paulo. Photo: Christian Cravo

Ayrson Heráclito, Transmutação da Carne (Transmutation of the Meat), 2015. Performance, São Paulo. Photo: Christian Cravo

A vida é arte – life is art! For an entire week, from June 7th until 12th, the Weltkulturen Museum is spotlighting urban Brazil today, a society where everything is closely interwoven – art, spirituality, daily life, science and politics.

Through the artistic performances “Sacudimento“, “Buruburu“ and “Transmutação da Carne – The Transformation of the Meat“ by Ayrson Heráclito, visitors can empathise with the suffering of enslavement and are cleansed of negative energies. The themed evening discusses the image of women and opposition in everyday life. A Candomblé priest establishes contact to the gods through an oracle, and artists, curators and priest offer special insights into the current exhibition “Entre Terra e Mar”.
By the way with the festival pass for 15€ (available at the cash register and at all events) you will get into all of the events, into the exhibition “Entre Terra e Mar” as well as a cocktail and a Candomblé wish bracelet.

Further information about the program can be found here.

Thursday, 7th June, 7pm
“Sacudimento” and “Buruburu”
With Ayrson Heráclito (artist, Salvador da Bahia)

Friday, 8th June, 6pm Lecture “O Jogo de Búzios – The Oracle in Candomblé”
Sunday, 10th June, 4pm Oracle play
Each with Doté Amilton Costa (Candomblé priest and head of the Vodun Zo Candomblé house, Salvador da Bahia)

Saturday, 9th June, 7.30pm
“Transmutação da Carne – Transmutation of the Meat”
With Ayrson Heráclito (artist, Salvador da Bahia)

Sunday, 10th June, 6pm
“Black Venus and White Mary. Black and White Women in Cult and Society in Brazil”
With Dr. Jane de Hohenstein (ethnologist, Salvador da Bahia)
“My Body, my Language. Everyday resistance of black women”
With Nádia dos Santos Aguiar (ethnologist, Gießen)


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