Laced: In Search of What Connects Us

New Art Exchange, Nottingham , United Kingdom
30 Oct 2021 - 09 Jan 2021

Zohra Opoku, Cyperus Papyrus, 2015. Screen-print on textile, Image courtesy the artist..

New Art Exchange,Nottingham announces major autumn exhibition exploring themes of love,labour and liberty in the practice of seven female artists from Africa and its diasporas:Simnikiwe Buhlungu,Rahima Gambo,Wura-Natasha Ogunji,Zohra Opoku,Tabita Rezaire,Lerato Shadi and Michaela Yearwood-Dan.

Laced invites viewers to reflect upon themes of freedom, labour and love,commonly shared human experiences that have all been fundamentally upturned,questioned and negotiated anew in this pandemic era.

Invited by NAE to curate a group show of women artists from Africa,curator Loren Hansi Gordon brings to light connections beyond gender and geography to weave together a narrative around themes of work,Love and liberty.For Laced ‘Africa’ means England,Nigeria,Ghana,South Africa,France,Guyana and the US with the selection of emerging to established artists often working between a number of these places.

Laced presents the art of process,the art of self-love and the art of being free through newly commissioned and existing pieces,some of which are being shown in the UK for the first time.



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