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Kara Keeling: I am a man eating machine (Lecture)

UdK Medienhaus, Hörsaal , Berlin, Germany
11 Jun 2018

Kara Keeling: I am a man eating machine (Lecture)

I AM A MAN EATING MACHINE. On Modulation, Corporate Cannibals and (Im)Proper Bodies 

What do Grace Jones and Arthur Jafa share with each other? 

By placing the music video for Grace Jones’ 2008 single, “Corporate Cannibal” and selected sequences of Arthur Jafa’s 2014 film “Dreams Are Colder than Death” into a conversation with feminist theories of race, gender, embodiment, and media, this talk extends a series of inquires into the historical relationship between African American women’s bodies, processes of commodification, and propriety into a consideration of property relations animated by the logics of digital media in a “sharing” economy.  

Kara Keeling is Associate Professor in the Division of Cinema and Media Studies in the School of Cinematic Arts and in the Department of American Studies and Ethnicity at the University of Southern California. Keeling’s research has focused on African American film, theories of race, sexuality, and gender in cinema, critical theory, and cultural studies. Current research involves issues of temporality, media and black and queer cultural politics; digital media, globalization, and difference; and Gilles Deleuze and liberation theory. 

Organisation: Katrin Köppert

The lecture and the discussion will be held in english.


11.06.2018, 6-10 pm

UdK Medienhaus, Hörsaal 

Grunewaldstraße 2-5, 10823 Berlin


This event belongs to the course “Shape the Future. Queer and decolonial Temporality.”

In cooperation with: AG Dekoloniale Praktiken, Graduiertenkolleg Das Wissen der Künste


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