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Kader Attia, Françoise Vergès and others – BODY

Friedrich-Kopsch-Auditorium, Charité hospital, Berlin, Germany
03 Nov 2016

Kader Attia, Françoise Vergès and others – BODY

Kader Attia, Le Corps Reconstruit, 2015 | © courtesy the artist, private collection and Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna and Galerie Nagel Draxler, Berlin/Cologne

In his works, the artist Kader Attia addresses the concept of “repair” as a constant in life. In the oldest and largest anatomy lecture hall at Berlin’s Charité he develops a narrative about the body in three fragments for the Dictionary of Now.

One hundred years ago, the bodies of disabled World War veterans became the impetus for breaking ground in aesthetic surgery. What changes are subject to aesthetic ideals and our perceptions of the body? In what contexts does the body become political? For the fifth edition of the Dictionary of Now, Kader Attia and his guests will enter the historic Friedrich Kopsch Lecture Hall at the Charité Anatomical Institute to approach the concept of the body from different directions.

In a lecture performance, he will trace the connecting lines and contradictions between bodily aesthetics and political dimensions of beauty. A number of experts such as the plastic surgeon Maurice Mimoun will have their say in filmed interviews.

A second fragment reflects Kader Attia’s exploration of the migration of transgender persons and border policies between North Africa and southern Europe. In a third piece, the political scientist Françoise Vergès will look at the structure of the self in the “post-Colonial body.”


Thu, Nov 03, 2016 8 pm

Lecture performance, dialogues, talk

In English


Friedrich-Kopsch-Auditorium, Charité hospital, Berlin
Access Luisenstr. 56 via both sides of the building

Barrier free access: Please speak to the service staff on site
The Anatomical Collection is open on the day of the event, admission is free.



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