Jared Ginsburg : Interludes

blank projects, Cape Town, South Africa
26 Jan 2017 - 11 Mar 2017

Jared Ginsburg : Interludes

The plan is to stuff a theatre structure into the gallery space and use it to perform the exhibition, through the staging of various micro-exhibitions…

The periods between these micro-exhibitions are the interludes.

blank presents Interludes, Jared Ginsburg’s fourth solo exhibition.

Mounted as a kind of theatrical production, Ginsburg’s project Interludes employs the apparatus and devices of the theatre (stage, lights, curtains etc.) to “perform the exhibition”. The production is comprised of a series of scenes enacted by artworks, in which these objects stand for players, props and backdrops. Between each of these scenes, or ‘micro-exhibitions’ as Ginsburg calls them, are interludes.

In theatrical terms, an interlude is a musical intermission between acts. While traditionally the interlude is accompanied by music, it refers specifically to the stretch of time between periods of activity, articulating a duration of non-time and non-event. For Ginsburg, these interludes represent opportunities; gaps to be filled until they become performances on their own. Ginsburg states:

The Interlude as Performance has opened up the blockage and brought along many of it’s idea-friends, namely that the interlude need not have a durational constraint and that interlude and scene can be overlapped.

The theatre is a natural home for Ginsburg’s multidisciplinary practice, which spans sculpture, drawing, painting, installation, performance and video. He seeks indeterminacy or chance operations in his process, allowing him to be surprised by the results of his actions. With a visual language reminiscent of Arte Povera, Ginsburg’s work is conceptually grounded in the ambiguities of perception, time and materiality, and the difficulties of consolidating these aspects.

Jared Ginsburg was born in 1985 in Cape Town, South Africa, where he currently lives and works.


Opening 6pm, Thursday 26 January




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