Januário Jano : AMBUNDULANDO

Centro Cultural Português, Luanda, Angola
26 Jul 2017 - 19 Aug 2017

From the series 'Musseke Ambundulando' by Januario Jano, 2017

From the series 'Musseke Ambundulando' by Januario Jano, 2017

The exhibition AMBUNDULANDO, a solo show by the artist Januário Jano opens to the public on 26th at Centro Cultural Português in Luanda.

The exhibition is the result of a method of work developed over the last year and a half, where the artist explores the complexities and idiosyncrasies of the processes of the construction of Identity. In recovering practices and rituals typical of the Ambundo ethinic group, from Luanda and surrounding areas, as well as practices and rituals so evident in his own family history, Januário embarks on a process of historical and personal research.

In AMBUNDULANDO, Januário Jano appropriates literary references, personal memories, questions related to contemporary Angolan life, (re)creates rituals, producing a fragmented narrative – where the political character of collective memory and the personal character of individual memory intersect, clash and overlap at different times.

In this process of (de) constructing himself, the artist also explores various forms of representation – from video and photography to multimedia installations.

The exhibition is curated by Paula Nascimento and Suzana Sousa with production from the This is Not a White Cube Gallery (TINAWC Gallery) and will be open to the public from July 26 to August 19 at the Centro Cultural Português , Rua Cabral Moncada, n°178/180 , Luanda, Angola





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