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Investec Cape Town Art Fair

Investec Cape Town Art Fair , Cape Town, South Africa
Deadline: 11 October 2021

Courtesy of Nina Lieska and Byron Berry (Repro Pictures).

Courtesy of Nina Lieska and Byron Berry (Repro Pictures).

Taking place between the 18th and 20th of February 2022, Investec Cape Town Art Fair offers an intimate experience of the largest contemporary art fair in Africa, in one of the world’s most vibrant art cities. With over 107 exhibitors, 22,000 visitors, 4800 VIPs, and a supportive local art community, the fair provides a platform for collectors, galleries, curators, artists, and art journalists from around the globe to engage and create connections. Investec Cape Town Art Fair has proven to be the place where the fast-growing African art market and the international art world meet.

Over the past year, the art world has transformed itself and adapted to our shifted way of thinking and doing, as a result of the pandemic. Investec Cape Town Art Fair assures you of our willingness to aid you in sustaining visibility, momentum, and presence; with utmost sensitivity around the impact the last year has brought. Therefore, Investec Cape Town Art Fair’s focus for its ninth edition is shared-support, collaboration, and inspiring new initiatives to ensure momentum and establish a support system amongst exhibitors. We believe in the art fair model to bring people together to connect, converse and contemplate at the forefront of contemporary art.

The 2022 edition of the fair looks profoundly to the notion of collaboration across aspects of Investec Cape Town Art Fair with the intention of opening up a dialogue and a shared support structure, with an exchange of ideas, research, artists, strategies and resources.

We introduce a new strategy that aims to aid exhibitors in reducing pressure and costs: Investec Cape Town Art Fair 2022 will provide an opportunity for exhibitors to share a booth, whereby exhibitors are able to share the manning, space, transport, and costs of a booth. The 2020 edition of Investec Cape Town Art Fair introduced this model; with a group of 3 Belgian galleries – Gallery Sofie Van de Velde, PLUS-ONE Gallery and Geukens & De Vil – coming together from a region to share booth space, which resulted in a successful collaboration. This model is entirely up to exhibitors to decide on, as a way of collaborating spatially and logistically. Shared booths are limited to 3 exhibitors maximum. Collaborative booths, for example, can be between local (South African) and international galleries that share commonalities and ideas. We as Investec Cape Town Art Fair are open as a facilitator to establish connections and communication between galleries. You are welcome to contact us directly should you wish to be put in touch with another gallery directly or through us, in order to start a conversation and form a cross-pollination of ideas, artists and resources.

Applications for multiple booths will receive a special discount.

Guidelines for submitting supporting documents can be found on each entry form, please follow them closely. Selected exhibitors in the Main Section, SOLO, and Tomorrows/Today must have a physical exhibition space and be able to demonstrate a regular exhibition programme throughout the year, as well as a roster of represented artists. The selection of galleries is decided upon by a committee of gallerists and curators working locally and abroad, based on the quality of each gallery’s proposal and supporting documents. We do not accept applications from individual artists.

Please note the R1725 (incl. VAT) application fee, which must be paid upon applying. Application deadline: 11 October 2021.


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