INTERLOOP: Knowledge Transfers: Practices, Reflections, Perspectives

ifa-Galerie, Berlin, Germany
27 Apr 2018 - 18 May 2018

Victoria Tomaschko, Media resistance, 2017. © Victoria Tomaschko.

Victoria Tomaschko, Media resistance, 2017. © Victoria Tomaschko.


With INTERLOOP, the ifa Gallery Berlin is reflecting back on the research and exhibition programme Untie to Tie – On Colonial Legacies and Contemporary Societies. Open workshops, reading and listening stations, and discursive access points invite one to pick up the various threads of this theme year and weave them into new textures. In weekly settings of practice and reflection, protagonists from different contexts will come together and explore non-hierarchical, collective forms of knowledge transfer.

Stresspad XXL – Collective Sound Performance
April 27, 6pm
The Stresspad XXL is an analogue sound instrument, that is controlled by the human body. Visitors are invited to interact, to work together in controlling and manipulating it, with the aim of acoustically intervening in the institutional space. With Gregor Pfeffer, Lukas Grundmann and pupils from the Oberstufenzentrum Mediengestaltung und -technologie.

Taking Sides: Open Zine Workshop on Solidarity in Resistance
April 28, 2-5pm
Generations of movements devoted to youth culture, artistic activity, and social issues have used zines as a space for self-determination and empowerment. Participants are invited to develop their own zines conveying ideas and practices that express solidarity and resistance. Pupils from the school OSZ Bekleidung und Mode with Marlon van Rooyen and Jorinde Splettstößer.

Sound Symbols/Drawings – A Sound Workshop
May 3, 5-6:45pm
On the basis of playful (listening) hearing and drawing exercises, the act of drawing is experienced as an expanded realm of hearing. Point of departure are the Sonic Panoramas composed by Saout Radio (Younes Baba-Ali, Anna Raimondo) for Untie to Tie. With Rebekka Uhlig (visual artist and voice performer)

Registrations by April 30, 2018:, T 030 2844 9140

Between Fascination and Scepticism: Technologies in the Field of (Music) Education
May 3, 7pm
Protagonists from the fields of musicology, software development, and mediation practice explore digital and non-digital “MusicmakingThings”—instruments, software, and apparatuses—and query the challenges presented to educators by digital musical technologies. Moderation: Carsten Cremer (ethnologist and media scholar, cultural agent)

Schoolbook Workshop. Racism-Critical Perspectives on Schoolbooks and Children’s Literature
May 8, 5-8:30pm
During summer semester 2017, Untie to Tie together with the Institute for Art in Context at Berlin University of the Arts dedicated a seminar to the critical (re-)reading of schoolbooks and children’s literature. In an experimental format combining practice and reflection, an invitation is extended by seminar participants and experts to the gallery audience, teachers, pupils, and educators to engage in an exchange of experience.

Registrations for Artistic Workshop (5-6:45pm) by May 4, 2018:, T 030 2844 9140

Gallery Reflection #5 Anthropology, Vulnerability, and Curatorial Practice
May 16, 7pm
Alya Sebti (director, ifa Gallery Berlin) and Jonas Tinius (anthropologist, HU Berlin) speak about the institutionalisation and destabilisation of curatorial and anthropological practices. Highlighting and concluding the Gallery Reflections series initiated in 2016, they are also addressing the complexities of creating such an exchange within the space of an institution itself.

A Dis(under)covering Promenade: Body, City and Celebration – Workshop
May 17, 5-8pm
Daniela Salgado Cofré and Óscar Andrade Castro share part of the tradition of the Open City that they refer to as “acts of greeting and farewell”: relevant instances that shape the creative ambit of the School of Valparaíso and its pedagogical practices, exploring the boundaries between collective making, learning, playing, and celebrating. With Open City members Daniela Salgado Cofré (industrial designer) and Óscar Andrade Castro (architect), assistant professors at the School of Architecture and Design at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso.

The workshop will be held in English. Registrations by May 14, 2018:, T 030 2844 9140.


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