In the Carpet – Group Show

ifa Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany
28 Oct 2016 - 18 Dec 2016

In the Carpet – Group Show

Mosta Maftah: Feu en Océan, 1979; wool, silk threads, cotton, 85 x 160 cm © courtesy of the artist and Thinkart

‘In the Carpet’ investigates the mutual influences between the arts and crafts – using the carpet as an example.

The exhibition explores productive exchanges between centres in Europe and in Morocco, focusing on the work of Sheila Hicks, who worked with artisans in Morocco in the early 1970s. Through her work, this exhibition addresses diverse relations and references, from the Bauhaus to today. It illustrates affinities in form and design between Moroccan Zemmour and Beni Ourain carpets and the work of Bauhaus artists Anni Albers and Gunta Stölzl and it shows the influence of the Bauhaus on Moroccan artists in the ‘Ecole de Casablanca’. The fascination of traditional Berber carpets for contemporary artists is seen in works by Amina Agueznay, Yto Barrada, Saâdane Afif, Taysir Batniji and Mostafa Maftah.

‘In the Carpet’ takes a look at the complexity and diversity of carpets, both as objects and means of representation, as space and territory, in form and technique, and as a gesture and performance. Here, practices and genres in the arts and craft are interwoven, as are also close relations between North Africa and Europe.




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