Call for entries

In Defense of Paradise

Forgotten Lands
Deadline: 24 May 2020

In Defense of Paradise

The Caribbean is both a real and fictional paradise, a concept and a cultural entity. Because of its geographic location, fragmented nation states, and imperial history, it’s inherently vulnerable.

In past issues, Forgotten Lands highlighted the Caribbean’s vulnerability to climate change. For Volume 3 they want to expand upon the term vulnerable beyond this one dimension. As a Caribbean nation and diaspora, they’ll examine the depths of vulnerability as they relate to culture, sustainability, self determination, socioeconomics, activism, history, and other stories that need to be told.

How do we as artists cope with this binary of the Caribbean being a real and fictional paradise? Do you resist or accept this notion of the Caribbean being inherently vulnerable? Do we accept or push back on our susceptibility?

For Volume 3 of Forgotten Lands, the magazine accepts photos, videos, essays, poetry, and mixed media that engage with contemporary interpretations, realizations, and concepts of Caribbean vulnerability. Though not a requirement, they are particularly interested in representing work from artists that are from, part of the diaspora, or currently reside in the Caribbean.

In addition to the publication, Forgotten Lands will be partnering with institutions and organizations to create exhibitions and events that will include a selection of work from the call for entry and final publication.

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