IKT Lab #3 – L’Art africain, pourquoi faire ? / African Art, What For ?

Fondation Calouste Gulbenkian, Paris, France
10 Dec 2013

One of the questions the artist Bili Bidjocka asked in the artwork he presented at the Venice Biennale in 2007 was  : “African Art, What For?” Is this question still valid today? Can’t we just talk about art? This IKT Lab takes place during the exhibition “Present Tense: Photographs from Southern Africa” (18 September-14 December 2013) curated by António Pinto Ribeiro.

Questions addressed during the event are:

Is the label of African art useful or detrimental?

Who are the cultural players in Africa?

How is art criticism playing a role in defining and refining the pluralities of art and culture in Africa?

What is so particular about mobility in and out of Africa?

What is the role of the curator in creating or questioning the concept of contemporary African art?

Why curate “African art” exhibitions in Europe today?

The event is organised by On The Roof (Elise Atangana, Yves Chatap, Vanessa Desclaux, and Caroline Hancock) in collaboration with Chantal Pontbriand (Member of the IKT board) and will take place in French and English (no translation).


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