Identity – a bloody romance

12 Feb 2014 - 15 Mar 2014

Identity – a bloody romance

Videostill from the 'Deutsches Rundfunkarchiv' - Erich Honecker and Samora Machel signing the Gastarbeit - Contracts 1979

An exhibition about German – Mozambican identity , our relationship and shared history. How does migration affect social systems and the identity of those involved ? The theater director Jens Vilela Neumann investigates this question in his first exhibition ” Identity – a bloody romance” with concrete examples from the common 200 years of German – Mozambican history.

The exhibition illuminates a ” silent ” part of East German history through the “Mad Germans” ( the crazy Germans ) , ex- East German guest workers who demonstrate weekly in Mozambique’s capital Maputo for more than 20 years to get their outstanding payments from the GDR time from their government.

The exhibition spans an arc from 1816 until today by documenting encounters , motivations , interests and consequences of this exchange .

Various aspects of identity such as language, family , the feeling of belonging , the profession , sexuality, economic interests and dependencies are reflected in the personal stories , which can be experienced in the exhibition by portraits , short films and the projection of the play ” Identity – a bloody romance ” .

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