Icons – The African woman as a source of inspiration

Gallery 91, The Hague, Netherlands
08 Dec 2013 - 15 Dec 2013

Photographer Angèle Etoundi Essamba’s next solo exhibition ICONS, from 8 to 15 December at Gallery 91 in The Hague, is a personal selection of Angèle’s favorite black and white photographs of African women.

Angèle graduated from the Photo Academy of Amsterdam in the early 80s and has sonce then lived and worked in the Netherlands. In her intense black and white photographs the nuances of black skin color are approached in a pure aesthetic way. However as the artist states: ” I do not only show women’s beauty but also their inspiring strength”. Etoundi Essamba’s work adorn the walls on all continents of museums and galleries.

For her portraits, Angèle selects models living in Amsterdam but also from other places in the world, whom she sometimes spots on the streets. They are then photographed in staged settings. Her work makes no political or journalism statement. ” My images show no poverty, war, oppression or exoticism,” says Angèle. Her artistic approach follows one philosophy: ” Africa is everywhere: I want to show the soul and the heart beat of my continent. My work is a tribute to Africa and in particular to the inspiring power and beauty of the African woman.” The works shown in ICONS is enhanced by the contemporary presentation on dibond and plexiglas.





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