ANNA ZORINA GALLERY , New York, United States
28 Aug 2014 - 20 Sep 2014


Installation view © ANNA ZORINA GALLERY

New York has an undeniable spellbinding aura that is perceived by millions of residents but can never be fully explained. New York is a state of mind, an arena, a neighborhood pulsing with an unabated rhythm. This energy is generated through the unique interactions amongst the diverse population, all of whom have been drawn by a desire to feel this vitality, one that invigorates the creative spirit. New York is home to possibility and inspiration. Heart of Art sheds light on the mysterious and alluring essence of the American art empire.

The exhibition offers the viewpoints of five artists, each from a different cultural background. These varying perspectives honor the vast diversity of the inhabitants, visitors and experiences compressed into this small island. To portray this center of cultural ferment is to express thrilling, enchanting and unapologetic perspectives.

John Taki evokes the ceaseless vibrant energy of New York City with his spontaneous mark-making and bold color palette.

Shaun Ellison captures the transient moments of the fast-paced city under a cast of dream-like fragility.

Alexander Kaletski proves that the city is where dreams can be realized. For the past forty years, since escaping from Soviet Russia, he has been depicting the dynamic characters that can be found throughout the city streets.

Federica Marangoni creates mixed-media sculptures that portray sleek modernity through a technologically savvy vocabulary, one natural to the city’s architectural landscape, with the use of neon lights, glass and metal.

Emil Robinson instills elements of mystery and silence into his paintings to develop intimate scenes from the perspective of an aloof memory.


Thursday, September 4, 6-8PM




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